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Your undergraduate degree

Physics and astronomy are about more than numbers and formulae. They are driven by imagination and the excitement of discovery. You'll be using your scientific knowledge and creativity to explore and challenge ideas about the physical world – right from the miniscule sub-atomic world of quarks and gluons to the vastness of the universe.

Your course

Physics and astronomy are about answering the biggest questions in the universe. You can study the science behind everything from lasers and particles, to music and computers, and to galaxies and the solar system. Your lecturers are academics with international research profiles, so you'll be part of the latest discoveries.

We have a range of degree courses, so that you can study physics as a whole, specialise in theoretical or chemical physics, or combine it with elements of astrophysics, computer science or medicine. You'll get to do your own piece of research, and if you do one of our four year MPhys courses you can do even more of it. Some of our courses give you the chance to spend a year studying on the other side of the world, in Australia, New Zealand, Canada or the USA.

You'll learn in lectures, lab practicals, computer programming classes and tutorials, and we'll give you your core first year text book when you start. You can then take field trips to our telescope in the Canary Islands, the dark matter laboratory at Boulby Mine and the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. We also run research placements, if you want to build up more practical skills

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Your future

We want you to aim high. That's why our degrees prepare you for exciting careers in science, technology and many other areas. We have graduates who are making the latest discoveries in physics and astronomy, and putting the skills from their degree into practice at top organisations around the world. We're also part of the White Rose Industrial Physics Academy, which offers our students hands-on experience of research and development projects with industry before they graduate.

Our degrees can lead you into areas including nanotechnology, space exploration, renewable energy, telecommunications, teaching and research. Other career options build on the many transferable skills you get from your degree, such as computing, insurance, accountancy and consultancy. You can even stay with us to do a PhD.

The video above shows how our students can get even more skills for their CV by completing a year long work placement through the University's Degrees with Employment Experience Scheme. Isabelle Gessey is currently on a placement at the Science and Technology Facilities Council's Daresbury Facility.

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