Image of a Sheffield Graduate

By the time they graduate, our students will have gained an impressive range of knowledge and skills, obtained through their studies and by the additional activities they undertake whilst at the University.  We want these achievements to be clear to all, so we have identified 'The Sheffield Graduate' attributes.

The Attributes

All taughcapt programmes provide students with the opportunities to develop the Sheffield Graduate attributes.  Find out more about the attributes: what they mean, how your fellow students interpret them, and suggested activities to further develop specific skills.

TheGraduate Award Logo Sheffield Graduate Award

We recognise that students take part in many activities outside of or alongside their studies.  The Sheffield Graduate Award enables our students to reflect on and obtain recognition for these activities.

gSheffield Graduate Development Programme

The Sheffield Graduate Development Programme (SGDP) is our local approach to personal development planning (PDP), and provides a framework for reflecting on your personal development, attributes, skills and employability.

lLearning and Teaching Strategy

The set of attributes reflect the aspirations of the institution's Learning & Teaching Strategy for the period 2011-2016.  New and ongoing projects such as the Civic Curriculum, Discover & Understand and Languages for All contribute to attribute development and delivery of this strategy.