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Professor Mike Hounslow

Faculty Pro Vice-Chancellor, Engineering


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FREng., BE (Hons), PhD, CEng, FIChemE

Professor Mike HousnslowBiography

As Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Engineering at the University of Sheffield Mike is responsible for the operation of all seven Engineering departments comprising more than 800 staff and 3000 students. Mike is a chemical engineer with BE and PhD degrees from the University of Adelaide in South Australia. He is a Chartered Engineer, a Fellow of the Institution of Chemical Engineers and a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering.

After completing the first of his degrees he worked for ICI Australia for four years in a variety of technical and management roles before taking up a lectureship at Adelaide and commencing his PhD.

In 1990 he moved to the University of Cambridge to take up a lectureship becoming a Fellow and then Dean of Selwyn College. In 1998 he moved to Sheffield and became Professor of Chemical Engineering. In 2000 he became Head of Department and in 2008 PVC.

The focus of his current research is the development of predictive, rate-based approaches to particle processing. While it is now common place to be able to predict how processes and products comprising fluids will behave, the prediction of particle behaviour is still in its infancy. His current projects make extensive use of population balance modelling, often coupled with various forms of CFD.

Personal Assistant: Mrs Amanda Fidler
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The University of Sheffield
The Faculty of Engineering
Office D140
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Research Interests

  • Crystallisation
  • Granulation
  • Population Balance Modelling

Key Papers

Borgia MB, Nickson AA, Clarke J, Hounslow MJ. A mechanistic model for amorphous protein aggregation of immunoglobulin-like domains. J Am Chem Soc. 2013 May 1;135(17):6456-64

Hounslow, M. J.; Ryall, R. L.; Marshall, V. R., A discretized population balance for nucleation, growth, and aggregation. AlChE J. 1988, 34, (11), 1821-1832.

Hounslow, M. J.; Reynolds, G. K., Product engineering for crystal size distribution. AlChE J. 2006, 52, (7), 2507-2517.

Tan, H. S.; Salman, A. D.; Hounslow, M. J., Kinetics of fluidized bed melt granulation - ii: Modelling the net rate of growth. Chem. Eng. Sci. 2006, 61, (12), 3930-3941.

Reynolds, G.K., A.M. Nilpawar, A. D. Salman and M.J. Hounslow, Direct Measurement of Granular Temperature in a High Shear Granulator, Powder Technol., 182 (2), 211-217, 2008.



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