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Professor David I. Strutt

DavidSenior Research Fellow/Professor
MRC Centre for Developmental and Biomedical Genetics
Department of Biomedical Science
The University of Sheffield
Western Bank, Sheffield S10 2TN
United Kingdom

Room: D36 Firth Court
Telephone: +44 (0) 114 222 2372
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Career history

Research interests

Cell polarisation is a fundamental process in the development of complex multicellular organisms. We are interested in how such polarisation is coordinated and maintained during development, with a primary interest in the roles of the Frizzled sevenpass transmembrane receptor.

Activities and distinctions


Recent publications

Thomas C & Strutt D (2013)
Rabaptin-5 and Rabex-5 are neoplastic tumour suppressor genes that interact to modulate Rab5 dynamics in Drosophila melanogaster.

Dev Biol.

Wells RE, Barry JD, Warrington SJ, Cuhlmann S, Evans P, Huber W, Strutt D & Zeidler MP (2013)
Control of tissue morphology by Fasciclin III-mediated intercellular adhesion.
Development, 140(18), 3858-3868.

Strutt H, Thomas-Macarthur V & Strutt D (2013)
Strabismus Promotes Recruitment and Degradation of Farnesylated Prickle in Drosophila melanogaster Planar Polarity Specification.

PLoS Genet, 9(7), e1003654.

Johnstone K, Wells RE, Strutt D & Zeidler MP (2013)
Localised JAK/STAT pathway activation is required for Drosophila wing hinge development.
PLoS One, 8(5), e65076.

Abley K, De Reuille PB, Strutt D, Bangham A, Prusinkiewicz P, Marée AF, Grieneisen VA & Coen E (2013)
An intracellular partitioning-based framework for tissue cell polarity in plants and animals.
Development, 140(10), 2061-2074.

Strutt H, Searle E, Thomas-Macarthur V, Brookfield R & Strutt D (2013)
A Cul-3-BTB ubiquitylation pathway regulates junctional levels and asymmetry of core planar polarity proteins.
Development, 140(8), 1693-1702.

Warrington SJ, Strutt H & Strutt D (2013)
The Frizzled-dependent planar polarity pathway locally promotes E-cadherin turnover via recruitment of RhoGEF2.

Development, 140(5), 1045-1054.

Strutt D, Madder D, Chaudhary V & Artymiuk PJ (2012)
Structure-function dissection of the frizzled receptor in Drosophila melanogaster suggests different mechanisms of action in planar polarity and canonical Wnt signaling.
Genetics, 192(4), 1295-1313.

Brittle A, Thomas C & Strutt D (2012)
Planar polarity specification through asymmetric subcellular localization of fat and dachsous.
Current Biology, 22(10), 907-914.

Thomas C & Strutt D (2012)
The roles of the cadherins Fat and Dachsous in planar polarity specification in Drosophila.
Dev Dyn, 241(1), 27-39.