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I have a first degree in Natural Sciences from the University of Naples (Italy), but I became interested in anthropology and then archaeology since I was a second year undergraduate student back in 1982. In the 80’s I was actively engaged in archaeological fieldwork in Italy and then became involved in a three year project funded by the Italian government that gave me the opportunity to study large assemblages of animal bones from urban Roman and medieval sites in Naples.

In 1991 I worked in England for the first time, thanks to a scholarship from the Institute of Archaeology (London). I then went back to Italy to teach Bioarchaeology at the University of Lecce but in 1993 I moved permanently back to England.

I worked at English Heritage (London) 1993-5, the University of Birmingham 1995-2000 and the University of Durham from 2000 to 2004, when I eventually moved to the University of Sheffield. I have had a great diversity of experiences in my career and my research has taken me to many different countries, but I love living and working in Sheffield, where I have created a vibrant research team in zooarchaeology. In addition to my interest in past human-animal relationships, which is my main area of research, I believe in the political responsibility of archaeologists towards issues of social justice.

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I am specialised in the study of animal bones from archaeological sites (zooarchaeology), but my research is wide-ranging and strongly oriented towards the integration of different aspects of archaeology. My work is predominantly based in Britain and Italy, but I have also worked in Armenia, Greece, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, France and Portugal. My main areas of research include:

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I am potentially interested in supervising any project with a substantial zooarchaeological component.

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