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2006 – (Present) – Royal Society University Research Fellow and Professor of Population Biology, University of Sheffield
2004 – 2006 - Royal Society University Research Fellow, University of Oxford
2002 – 2004 – Departmental Lecturer, University of Oxford
2000 – 2002 – Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Oxford
1998 – 2000 – Postdoctoral Researcher, University of East Anglia

Key Research Interests

My research focuses on modelling population and community dynamics. I am particularly interested in large scale population dynamics, although have a range of interests, including:

  • Plant population ecology, modelling plant populations, modelling weed populations.
  • Evolutionary ecology, phylogenetic comparative methodology and its application to ecological problems.
  • Theoretical ecology, statistical methodology.

Professional Activities

Founding Editor, Methods in Ecology & Evolution (2009 - present)
Senior Editor, Journal of Applied Ecology
NERC Peer Review Panel (2004-2006)


At Level 1 I lecture for APS121 (evolution) and at Level 3 I lecture for APS342 (Evolutionary Ecology).

At level 3 I teach on a 10 day residential course in Borneo (APS 306) and I supervise projects (APS330) on herbivore-plant interactions, spatial ecology and plant population dynamics, usually field-based.

I have supervised Level 4 projects on conservation, macroecology and evolution.

Current Research Group

Post-Doctoral Reseachers

Dr Mark Ooi
Leverhulmn Trust funded project on the effects of climate change on the evolutionary ecology of annual plants

Dr Mark Ooi's website

(with Colin Osborne) Vernon Vissor JISC funded project, Grassportal to provide an information portal for grasses.

PhD students

Kirsty Burnet Developing and testing density-structured models for arable weed populations (NERC).

Rachel George Metabolomic consequences of climate change for annual plants (Leverhulme).

Daniel Garcia Life-history consequences of climate change for annual plants (Leverhulme).

Simon Doxford Effects of climate change on annual plant communities (Leverhulme).

Tom Swinfield Jansen Connell effects in tropical forests (NERC).

Former Group Members

Dr Tom Webb Royal Society University Research Fellow at APS Sheffield.

Dr Simon Queenborough Research fellow at NCEAS.

Dr Colin Harrower Centre for Ecology and Hydrology

Dr Rémi Vergnon University of Waageningen.


I also have collaborative projects with the following:

Walter Jetz – phylogenetic & spatial analysis of comparative data (Yale:

Tamas Szekely – Sexual conflict in birds (University of Bath

John Pannell – Large scale dynamics and sexual systems in annual mercury (University of Oxford, Plant Sciences

Owen Lewis – Density-dependence and pathogens in tropical forests (University of Oxford, Zoology

Bill Sutherland – Developing models for arable farming systems (University of Cambridge).

Andrew Watkinson – Plant population and community ecology (University of East Anglia).

Recent Publications (2001 to date). Please email me for pdfs


Weiner, J. & Freckleton, R.P. Constant Final Yield. Annual Review of Ecology and Systematics, in press.


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