SURE: Sheffield Undergraduate Research Experience

What is SURE?

SURE offers The University of Sheffield's undergraduate students an opportunity to become directly involved in the research activity of the University, take part in "real life" research projects in subject areas that are of special interest, and experience what it's like to work in partnership with academic staff or collaboratively in a research group.

What will I get out of doing a project through SURE?

The scheme enables students to gain valuable experience for their studies, and also for life and work beyond University. Successful applicants will be able to develop a deeper knowledge of a subject that they are passionate about, enhanced skills in research, transferable skills in areas such as project management (collaboration and communication) awareness of the academic research environment (including career options) and an enhanced CV and employability.

Staff will gain an opportunity to further develop an aspect of their own research interests and activity, through a student project that connects with these.

What activities will students be expected to undertake?

This will depend on the subject area, as the methods of research will be left to applicants to design. Although these are fairly short research projects there will be a range of activities needed to engage the material, so each week may be different. Students might conduct experiments, undertake archive work, conduct interviews or focus groups, carry out a survey, review existing literatures, visit precedent studies, or facilitate participatory research. All projects will require a period of writing up. A programme of work and appropriate outputs should be decided with the supervisor. Sometimes the outcomes will be an integral part of a larger ongoing research project; in other cases they may form a stand-alone piece of work.

There are a number of SURE schemes that students can apply to. Please click on the links for more information.

Aimed At
Closing Date
SURE (administered by 301) Undergraduate students in their penultimate year of study (any department)

Applications will open in February

Think Ahead: SURE
Undergraduate students and Early Career Researchers ***CLOSED***
SURE (administered by Biomedical Science) Undergraduate students in their penultimate or final years of study January 1st in the year the project runs