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Chair in Education
Director of Research
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Room: 8.05, School of Education

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Dan teaches on the MA in Psychology and Education, the BA Education, Culture and Childhood and the EdD. He has taught psychology, sociology and education in a number of universities.

Research Interests

Research interests

Critical disability studies
Dan is interested in theorising and challenging the conditions of disablism (the social, political, cultural and psycho-emotional exclusion of people with physical, sensory and/or cognitive impairments) and ableism (the contemporary ideals on which the able, autonomous, productive citizen is based).

Critical psychological and sociological theory
Dan is interested in engaging with poststructuralist, postconventionalist, social psychoanalytic and narrative accounts of exclusion and political resistance.

Non-normative childhoods
Dan hopes to engage with the expertise of non-normative children and their families to expose different ways of ‘being human’. This has extended his interest in critical disability studies to include ideas from queer theory, critical race, postcolonialism and feminism.

Studies of the human
Dan is working with colleagues in the School of Education and across the university to explore how we might understand the human in the 21st Century in a time of technological and capitalist advance.



  • Professorial Visiting Fellow, University of New South Wales, School of Social Sciences, 2011 – 2014
  • Visiting Scholar, University of Iceland, Centre for Disability Studies, Faculty of Social and Human Sciences,
  • 2004 – 2013
  • Editorial Advisory Board member for NASEN journals, 2012 -
  • Editorial board member: Disability & Society; Educational Action Research; Skandinavian Journal of Disability Research; Ethnographica Journal of Culture and Disability; The Journal of Inclusive Practice in Further and Higher Education; Disability and the Global South.
  • ESRC Peer Review College member, 2010 -
  • Illustrator, Viewpoint ‘The Learning Disability Magazine’: MENCAP publications (2001-2004)
  • Columnist, Community Living Magazine (2002-2003)

Transdisciplinary engagements across the University of Sheffield

Disability Studies at the University of Sheffield

Medical Humanities Sheffield

White Rose Studies of Ableism

Recent funded projects

'Big Society? Disabled People with Learning Disabilities and Civil Society’
New Economic and Social Research Council funded research project
June 2013 - July 2015

'Resilience in the lives of disabled people across the life course'
SCOPE. with Katherine Runswick Cole (Manchester Metropolitan University).
October 2011 – September 2012.

'Researching placement parties and child adoption.'
British Association of Adoption and Fostering (BAAF) with Runswick-Cole (Manchester Metropolitan University).
October 2011 – September 2012.

'Time to end the bias towards inclusion?' ESRC Festival of Science Public Engagement Event.
Economic and Social Research Council. November 2011. With Katherine Runswick Cole

'Does every child matter, post Blair? The interconnections of disabled childhoods.'
Economic and Social Research Council. With Janice McLaughlin (University of Newcastle); and Katherine Runswick Cole (Manchester Metropolitan University). September 2008 – October 2010.

'Towards a culturally sensitive disability studies: Interconnections of disability studies in and across Malaysia and the UK.'
Prime Minister’s Initiative 2 / UK Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills (DIUS) Research Co-operation Programme. With Rebecca Lawthom (Manchester Metropolitan University); Dr Ling How Kee and Mr Dolly Paul Carlo (Universiti Malaysia Sarawak, Malaysia).
August 2008 - August 2010.

'Parents, Professionals and Disabled Babies: Identifying Enabling Care.'
Economic and Social Research Council. With Janice McLaughlin (University of Newcastle).
June 2003 – November 2006.

'Self-advocacy, Civil Rights and People with ‘Learning Difficulties.'
Economic and Social Research Council. With Derrick Armstrong (University of Sheffield).
September 1998 – June 2001.



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