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Who are the Student Officers?

The student officers are eight students, elected by the whole student population, who work full time at the Students' Union for a year.



Sheffield Students' Union is proud to be a campaigning organisationwith a strong history of student-led campaigns. Explore over one hundred years of your Students' Union standing up for students, including past campaigns that made the history books, by checking out our completed Facebook Timeline!

We campaign to improve the student experience and lives of students in Sheffield and on issues of concern to students nationally and internationally.

In 2010 we ran a high profile campaign against the Government's decision to increase tuition fees for UK undergraduate students. We also campaigned against proposed changes to visa regulations that would have severely affected non-EU students.

If you want to get involved with current campaigns which are run by students, follow this link to find out how to join an existing campaigning group or society: http://www.shef.ac.uk/union/get-involved/societies/political-campaigning/

If you're passionate about a cause which doesn't already have a campaigning group, click on the tab 'How can I start a campaign?'

Our campaigns are led by you, our members, so if you feel there is an issue that we should be working on get in touch at campaigns@sheffield.ac.uk.

@SUOfficers on Twitter