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University of Sheffield Crowned Varsity Champions 2014

For the second year running, thousands of the University of Sheffield students celebrated this week when they took home the Varsity 2014 trophy as winners of the annual competition against Sheffield Hallam University.

The final match in the festival of sport took place between the Ice Hockey teams at the Motorpoint Arena on Wednesday 2nd April, with Sheffield Hallam winning the game 5 - 2.

An excess of 6200 spectators attended the final, which finished with a score of 42 to 30.5 to the University of Sheffield.

Varsity 2014 was the 18th annual sporting tournament between the two rival Universities and is the biggest sporting event of the Universities year. The competition consisted of 42 sports played in 17 venues across the city.

This was the first time the final has been held at the Ice Hockey event. The Ice Hockey match was won by Sheffield Hallam University with a score of 5 - 2 but the University of Sheffield had already secured the title before the game began. The victory means that the University of Sheffield have won the competition for the second time after a ten year wait to take the trophy from Sheffield Hallam University.

The tournament celebrates Sheffield as a sports city which has some of the best sporting facilities in England. Varsity is about providing an opportunity for all sports men and women to be equal regardless of the standard of play, or the sport they are part of.

Varsity is organised by elected student Sports Officers from each University. University of Sheffield Students' Union Sports Officer, Emily Dibble, said 'I'm so pleased that the University of Sheffield keep the Varsity trophy for the second year. Well done to everyone who took part or cheered on our black and gold family. Go Uni!'

Josh Saydraouten, Sports Officer at Sheffield Hallam Students' Union, said 'I'm disappointed that we've missed out again but credit has to go to the University of Sheffield for winning for a second year in a row'.

The Grand Final: Ice Hockey at the Motorpoint Arena

It's the final day of Varsity 2014 and it all ends at the Ice Hockey final tonight at 7pm. Teams from the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University battle it out on the ice at the Motorpoint Arena in the biggest event of the competition. The team with the overall winning point score will be crowned Varsity champion at the end of the match.

Other events taking place on today include Lacrosse and Hockey at Goodwin Sports Centre, Squash and Tennis at Hallamshire Tennis Club, Golf at Hillsborough Golf Club and Canoe Polo and Water Polo at Ponds Forge.

The atmosphere at the Ice Hockey final is sure to be electric with nearly 6000 tickets sold so far! Tickets are 5 and can be bought from the Arena Box Office from 10am until 7.30pm (30 minutes after face off). You can also pick up a special 3 dayrider ticket to get you there on the Supertram from your SU Box Office and dedicated trams with be running to Sheffield Arena.

For the latest Varsity coverage and score so far, head to Forge Today and SHU Life Sport. Don't forget to tweet your support with the #suvarsity or #hallamvarsity hashtag!


Due to the conduct of the Sheffield Hallam University Men's Football Club during and after the Varsity football game at Hillsborough Stadium on Saturday 22nd March, and taking into consideration previous incidents involving the club during Varsity events, Sheffield Hallam Students' Union has come to the following decision which is supported by the Varsity Joint Steering Group;

The three remaining men's football fixtures, to be played on Friday 28th March, will go ahead but with certain point restrictions. 

  • If a Sheffield Hallam Mens Football team wins their fixture no points will be awarded to Sheffield Hallam University or the University of Sheffield.
  • If a fixture results in a draw Sheffield Hallam University will receive zero points, and the University of Sheffield will receive half (0.5) a point.
  • The University of Sheffield will receive one point for each fixture that they win.

In addition, Sheffield Hallam mens football players will only be allowed at the Sports Park to play their fixture and once completed and changed they must leave.

The club has received a full statement of all the sanctions this afternoon by Sheffield Hallam Students' Union staff.

Please let these sanctions be a warning to all players and spectators and we urge all to remember the Varsity Oath; pride, respect, fair play and sportsmanship, when playing or attending any of the remaining Varsity fixtures.

Hallam are victorious at Hillsborough

Sheffield Hallam stormed to victory on Saturday 22nd March with the first women's team winning 7-0 and the first men's team winning 4-2.

Varsity Boxing 2014

Hallam win American Football Steel Bowl

Varsity 2014 continued on Sunday 2nd February as the American Football fixture was decided at Sheffield Hallam's Sports Park. The fixture was primarily a BUCS league game but with the result also counting as a point for Varsity it was even more crucial for both sides. Sheffield Hallam won the fixture which was closely fought throughout and only 2 points separated the teams -the final score was 8-6. The Varsity 2014 score now stands at 3-2 to the University of Sheffield.

Photo by Jamie Stancombe Photography

Ashes to Alps

The University of Sheffield retain Winter Varsity trophy

The ski and snowboarding teams from Sheffield University and Hallam have just returned from a fantastic week in the Alps, where for the first time ever their event was held on real snow!

Following the loss of Sheffield Ski village, the three clubs, SheffSki, SUSC, and SHUSnow, took it upon themselves to organise a brilliant event for both Universities and compete for 4 Varsity points in the Alps. The event was named 'Ashes to Alps', reflecting the progress from the buring of Sheffield's Ski village to the glorious Alps.

With the help of NUCO travel, a specific Snowpark was built for the afternoon and the races were done under floodlights in the evening. The whole week had an incredible atmosphere and this was made even better by a 3-1 win for the University of Sheffield, winning us the first ever Ashes to Alps trophy and ensuring we retain the Winter varsity trophy. Sheffield Hallam won the Ski freestyle point and The University of Sheffield won the Snowboard freetyle and both the boarding and ski races.

Lawrie Campbell, the University of Sheffield Race Captain, had this to say about the trip: "After all three clubs struggled with the consequences of the loss of their beloved ski village, Ashes to Alps Sheffield Winter varsity couldn't have gone any better. 1 week, 1 mountain, 400 students, soleil [sun], neige [snow] and VICTORY!"

Emily Dibble
Sports Officer

University of Sheffield Students' Union

Varsity Sheffield 2014 announced

Varsity returns this year with a new jam-packed programme of sports and venues in 2014. Full fixture details will be updated in the New Year but the ski and snowboarding teams will be heading out to the Alps to hold Winter Varsity on Wednesday 8th January.

The American Football Steelbowl will take place at Goodwin Sports Centre on Sunday 2nd February. The rest of the competition will run from 21st March to Wednesday 2nd March with an exciting finale at Motorpoint Arena where both Ice Hockey teams battling it out for victory on the ice!

More details and information will be released soon but join in with the Varsity chat on Twitter by using the hashtags #suvarsity #hallamvarsity.


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