Aspect 3

Sheffield Students' Union Now Own a Beehive!

Sheffield Students' Union now own a beehive! We're excited to say we're now doing our bit to help reverse the recent global decline in bee populations & boost biodiversity on campus.

What will happen to the bees?

Calum and Alan from the University's Grounds Maintenance Team will be taking care of the bees and giving student & staff volunteers regular chances to see them. When this happens, we'll let you know.

Will there be Sheffield SU honey?

In a year or two, yes, it could lead to jars of Sheffield SU honey! However, we're not expecting any honey this year, as we let the bees get established and leave them all the honey they produce to ensure they survive their first winter (bees use honey as a winter food store). The priority is nurturing and developing the colony, a boost to this vital species which pollinates 1/3 of our food crops globally.

How are they doing?

The bees are doing fine! They are adjusting well to their new home on - they're particularly enjoying the days when the sun comes out!


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