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Sheffield Statement on International Students

The University of Sheffield is rightly proud of the outstanding contribution of its international students to the life of the University and to our economic growth as a nation.

The University of Sheffield has high educational standards, and only recruits students we believe are capable of successfully completing our courses. It is not in the interests of the University or of the students themselves to recruit students from either the UK or overseas who would not be able to cope with the challenges of a University of Sheffield degree.

In common with other top UK universities who are global in nature, the University of Sheffield recruits international students through direct applications, working with overseas organisations and partners such as the British Council and overseas schools, colleges and Universities, and in some countries we also use educational agents. These agents are empowered only to provide information to prospective students and their families on the ranges of courses available, entry requirements and accommodation, not to make offers of places.

Contrary to recent reports in parts of the UK media, the University of Sheffield has equivalent entry grade requirements for the recruitment of students from both home and overseas. It should also be noted that international students do not and cannot displace home students in the UK. Universities have quotas for the numbers of home students they can accept, and this is not related to the recruitment of international students.

Professor Paul White, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Learning and Teaching, said:

"At the University of Sheffield we take very seriously our responsibility to be rigorous in our recruitment of the most talented students from both the UK and overseas. We do not in any way empower agents to make offers on our behalf, and would not compromise our standards in this way."

Krissy Meyer, International Students' Officer at the University of Sheffield, said:

"Many of our international students choose UK universities due to their reputation and high standards and work hard to meet those. The Students' Union works closely with the University on regulations which ensure that all our students are capable, qualified and prepared for the demands of their course. Any implication that international students are inferior academically is offensive and misrepresents their enormous efforts and

"The value of our international students and the cultural diversity they bring to a global University enriches the university experience for all students."


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