Accommodation Board

Are you a Sheffield student looking for somewhere to live?

The Accommodation Board is designed for students and staff to be able to advertise spare rooms in their properties. It can also be used by students who are looking for accommodation to find a room/property and to advertise yourself as a potential tenant. If you are a student looking to find other people to share with, you can use the "I want to find housemates" section.

Please note that the Students' Union does not endorse any of the properties advertised here. If you are viewing a property, try and take someone with you or tell someone where you will be and check in with them afterwards. It is important to view a property and meet with the prospective landlord and housemates, prior to signing a contract or paying any money. The Student Advice Centre provides comprehensive housing advice and a contract checking service. For more house hunting tips check out the Smartmove House Hunting Guide.