Cost of studying abroad at Sheffield

One of the first things new students ask us about Sheffield is how much things cost here. The answer's pretty simple: less than they cost elsewhere.

Living in Sheffield is 10 per cent cheaper than the UK average. And it's 25 per cent cheaper than London.

The cost of your study abroad experience will probably be one of the most important areas when it comes to choosing your study abroad destination. In order to help you work out how much it may cost to come to Sheffield, please review the table below.

You will notice a range in price for accommodation, this is because there are different contract lengths and standards of rooms.

Tuition Fees for non exchange students
One semester £7,000
Academic year (two semesters) £11,500

Living Costs
Money for living costs
(This includes accommodation charges)
Around £800 per month
University owned accommodation Between £120 and £155 per week
Housing Deposit (refundable at the end of your stay) £150
Other costs/Optional extras
Police Registration (if applicable) £34
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Sport Sheffield Membership £28 per month

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