Student Conduct and Appeals Office

The work of the Student Conduct and Appeals Office (SCA) focuses on issues relating to student conduct, such as discipline, and final stage student complaints and appeals, such as case reviews and complaints made to the Office of the Independent Adjudicator for Higher Education (OIA).

More detailed information about the various student-based formal procedures, i.e. Academic Appeals, Student Complaints, Fitness to Practise, Progress of Students and Student Discipline, is available by clicking on the appropriate link in the menu. These web pages provide information about the relevant University Regulations, guidance on procedures and processes, downloadable pro-formas and staff contact information.

For a quick reference summary flowchart of the stages within each of the formal procedures and how they link together, please download the Flowchart. 

The Student Conduct and Appeals Office is part of the Student Administration Service within Student Services and is located on Level 6 of the Students' Union building.