Student Services

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Name Job title Email address Telephone
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Aboud, Mr Muneer English Language Tutor 24925
Adams, Miss Sarah Outreach Co-ordinator (Post-16 Engagement) 23621
Addison, Miss Gemma English Language Tutor 28061
Akselsen Whiting, Mrs Elisabeth Recruitment Support Manager 22198
Aldridge-Tucker, Ms Olivene English Language Tutor 21780
Allam, Ms Claire Learning & Teaching Development Manager 20407
Allcock, Mrs Dawn Work Experience Assistant 20935
Allison, Mrs Claire Learning & Teaching Clerical Support 21360
Anderson, Ms Karen University Quality Management Adviser 21744
Ansell, Mrs Emily Senior Student Support Officer 24766
Armitage, Mr Carl Learning and Teaching Clerical Support 21363
Armour, Ms Sarah Disability Adviser 21313
Armstrong, Mr Josh Team Leader 29678
Ashcroft, Miss Jane International Recruitment Co-ordinator 24814
Ashcroft, Mrs Cheryl Fees Team Leader 21281
Asimakopoulos, Mr Anastasios English Language Tutor 24936
Askew, Ms Julie Outreach Manager (Post-16 Engagement) 21249
Aston, Miss Kathryn English Language Tutor 21795
Atkinson, Mrs Cathy Clerical Officer 22104
Axon, Miss Kathryn Senior Student Support Officer 21378
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Bagshaw, Mrs Kate Admissions Assistant 22192
Baily, Dr Jessica Projects & Student Partnerships Manager 21209
Ball, Miss Kerry Medical Secretary 27181
Ball, Miss Kerry secretary 27181
Ball, Mr Timothy English Language Tutor 28068
Barker, Mrs Jane Senior Faculty Support Assistant (Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health) 29756
Barnsley, Mr Robert Mental Health Support Coordinator 26014
Barrott, Mr David International Student Advisor 29860
Barrs, Mr John Admissions Assistant 21421
Basarich, Ms Claire English Language Tutor 21780
Bates, Mr Paul English Language Tutor 21796
Bath, Dr Andrea Learning & Teaching Development Manager 21365
Baxter, Ms Annette Careers Adviser 20965
Beardmore, Miss Georgina Student Communications Assistant 29746
Beevers, Mrs Lynn Learning & Teaching Clerical Support 21356
Bennett, Mr Robert International Student Support Assistant 21267
Bertrand, Ms Danielle International Recruitment Coordinator 21247
Betts, Ms Stephanie Faculty Support Manager, with responsibility for PGR Complaints and Appeals 21274
Biddle, Ms Jemma Clerical Assistant 20936
Black, Mr Chris Production Assistant 20427
Blatchford, Miss Alice Graduate Intern - UK/EU Recruitment 24906
Boam, Mrs Marie Faculty Support Manager 21289
Boltwood, Miss Kate Data and Insight Co-ordinator 26261
Bonsall, Mrs Marjorie Admissions Assistant 21419
Bothamley, Mr Mark Web Development and Projects Officer 21302
Bottery, Mrs Gemma Registry Services Assistant (City College, English Language Teaching Centre, Sheffield International College, Visiting Students except for Incoming Erasmus and Study Abroad) 29624
Bottomley, Mrs Lorraine PA to Head of Registry Services 21286
Bouakaz, Mr Lyes Project Officer, Programme Information 20418
Bougara, Mr Abderrezak Honorary Academics 2683458
Bovill, Dr Rachel Professional Development Manager 20428
Bower, Mrs Joanne Office Manager 21239
Bower, Mrs Joanne PA to Head of Student Recruitment 21239
Bows, Miss Sarah Work Experience Assistant (Transition) 20939
Brace, Miss Emma Student Conduct and Appeals Officer 21290
Bradford, Mr Richard English Language Tutor 24936
Brady, Mr Steve English Language Tutor 28076
Brailey, Mr Richard Information & Guidance Officer 23994
Bramall, Miss Sarah Head of Recruitment Support 21244
Brazil, Ms Marie Events Coordinator 20906
Bream, Miss Jessica International Recruitment Assistant 21251
Briggs, Mrs Libby Student Recruitment Administrator 21321
Brock, Mrs Elizabeth Enterprise Projects Assistant 24032
Brokenshire, Mr John English Language Tutor 21796
Brooke, Mrs Claire Careers Adviser 20962
Brookes, Mr John Applicant Support Assistant 24124
Brookfield, Mr Daniel Admissions Assistant 22196
Brooks, Miss Denise Outreach Officer (Partnerships) 21383
Brooks, Miss Hayley Medical Secretary 22124
Brooks, Miss Hayley Secretary 817181
Broomby, Mr David Student Recruitment Officer 21237
Brown, Miss Miriam International Officer 21013
Brown, Mr Adam International Officer 24819
Brown, Mrs Leigh PA to Head of Enterprise / Administration Manager (Part-time) 24036
Brown, Ms Cath English Language Tutor 28070
Bruce, Mr Michael Careers Adviser Pre-entry and Transition 20961
Brunton, Ms Sadie Student Jobshop Assistant 20943
Bullock, Mrs Janet Team Leader (Admissions) 24178
Bunker, Mrs Rachel Senior Faculty Support Assistant (Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health) Mat Leave until Mar 2016 29756
Burrell, Mr Matthew Senior Student Fees Assistant 21284
Busson, Mr James Head of Outreach & Widening Participation 21022
Butcher, Mrs Jenny Work Experience Assistant 20943
Butler, Miss Lucy Financial Support Officer 29630
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Cameron, Dr Harriet Academic Director - SpLD/dyslexia tutorial service 21787
Carding, Mr Stephen Outreach Co-ordinator (Post-16 Engagement) 21235
Carlile, Mr Al Student Systems Programme Director 27063
Carratt, Ms Sarah English Language Tutor 28076
Castle, Mr Scott Head of Service 21316
Cater, Mr Adam Admissions Assistant 21017
Cater, Mr James Admissions Assistant 21423
Cawley, Mr Michael Senior Information Assistant 21271/21299
Charles-Williams, Miss Llinos Welfare Officer 24928
Chatten, Mrs Emma Office Coordinator Wednesday-Friday 21370
Cherrill, Mrs Charlotte Admissions Officer (Compliance) (Maternity Leave until Feb 2017) 22194
Chouings, Mr Darren Startup Coach - Social Enterprise Specialist 24041
Clay, Miss Alison Careers Adviser 27446
Clayton, Ms Ann English Language Tutor 22185
Clench, Ms Glynis Student Conduct and Appeals Assistant 21329
Clifford, Ms Fiona Mental Health Adviser 21308
Clines, Reverend Jeremy Anglican Chaplain 24098
Cobbett, Ms Deborah English Language Tutor 28061
Cohen, Mrs Karen Projects and Development Assistant/PA to Head 20426
Coleman, Mr Bryan Head of Disability & Dyslexia Support 21371
Coley, Ms Joanna Academic Director - USIC English 28079
Colledge, Ms Anthea Development Worker 29750
Collier, Mr Mark Head of International Student Support 24767
Connors-Sadek, Mr Tam English Language Tutor 28062
Conway, Dr Claire Deputy Director 29849
Conway, Dr Claire Deputy Director 29849
Cooper, Dr Tim International Student Support Officer 24763
Cooper, Mr Daniel Marketing Officer 24038
Cooper, Mrs Louise Placement Officer 20918
Cosgrove, Mrs Stephanie Support Worker Service Administrator 29631
Cox, Miss Alison Office Co-ordinator 24093
Crabtree, Miss Laura Registry Services Helpdesk Assistant 29549
Craggs, Miss Jenny Admissions Assistant (Compliance) 25333
Crawford, Mr Robert English Language Tutor 27152
Crewe, Dr Vicky Quality Management Adviser 24063
Crockford, Dr Julian Widening Participation R&E Manager 22475
Croll, Miss Layla Production Manager 20412
Cullen, Reverend Peter Roman Catholic Chaplain 2681197
Curzon, Ms Sarah Student Fees Administrator (Mon, Tues, Thurs and Fri) 21310
D Back to the top
D'Mello, Dr Bernadette Doctor 22100
da Costa, Miss Rosie English Language Instructor 28067
Dales, Miss Bernadette Clerical Assistant 21780
Das, Dr Cynthia General Practitioner 22100
David, Mr Peter Financial Support Officer (Wednesday & Friday) 21311
Davie, Mr Stephen Project Co-ordinator & Stats Analyst 20929
Davies, Mr Andrew English Language Tutor 21796
Davies, Mrs Elizabeth English Language Tutor 24882
Davison, Ms Susan University Quality Management Adviser 21359
Dawson, Mrs April PA/Office Manager to Academic Support and Professional Development 20401
Dawson, Mrs Kathryn Student Recruitment Administrator 21232
Deakin, Ms Samantha Startup Coach - Creative Digital Specialist
Dexter, Mrs Anne Outreach Administrator (Post-16 Engagement) 21234
Dexter-Lowe, Miss Michelle Events Manager 20931
Dinsey, Miss Gillian Project Manager 20420
Dixon-Carr, Mrs Samantha Personal Assistant & Office Manager 29180
Down, Mrs Gina Reception Office Manager 22103
Drew, Miss Laura Digital Design Assistant 29677
Duffield, Miss Lyn Global Opportunities & Exchanges Coordinator – Europe 21253
Duggan, Miss Heather International Recruitment Co-ordinator 21256
Dukalskis, Miss Fiona Global Opportunities & Exchanges Assistant - Europe 29871
Dunford, Mr Nicholas English Language Tutor 27152
Dunlop, Mr Christopher Admissions Assistant 24125
Dyson, Mrs Flora Clerical Assistant 21780
E Back to the top
Edgar, Dr Christina Head of Student Recruitment 26260
Edwards, Mr Geraint English Language Tutor 27152
Edwards, Mrs Joanna Lloyds Scholars Assistant 20904
Edwards, Ms Nancy Student Recruitment Administrator 21386
Elliott, Miss Christina Enterprise Research Support Officer 24037
Emmett, Dr Marta Maths & Statistics Tutor 21745
Evans, Miss Marie Learning & Teaching Development Manager 21746
Evans, Ms Laura Outreach Officer (Mentoring) 28033
Everett, Ms Judy Careers Adviser 20933
Exton, Mr Matt Digital Media Officer 29862
F Back to the top
Farnhill, Miss Elizabeth Student Recruitment Officer 29182
Fellows, Mrs Joanne Personal & Projects Assistant 24091
Fennell, Mr Paul Head of Careers & Employability 20909
Fennell, Mr Paul Head of Careers & Employability 20909
Fenton, Ms Gillian English Language Tutor 28076
Fenton-Anwyll, Mr Thomas English Language Tutor 27152
Fey-Beatson, Mrs Kathryn Office Assistant / Receptionist Mon 9.30am-1.30pm, Tues-Thurs 10.30am-2.30pm 28923
Fitzmaurice, Mr David Admissions Assistant 24817
Flaherty, Mr Tony PG/EU Recruitment Officer 21297
Fletcher, Mr Timothy Careers Adviser 20963
Fletcher, Ms Caroline English Language Tutor 21780
Flores-Lasarte, Mr Manuel English Language Tutor 28070
Foley, Dr James English Language Tutor 21796
Ford, Dr Karen Professional Development Officer 20423
Ford, Mr Craig Team Leader (Admissions) 21406
Foster, Miss Orla Clerical Assistant 21780
France, Ms Sandra Team Leader (Mon-Thurs) 21276
Francis, Mrs Tamara Senior International Student Adviser Mon/Tues 9.30am to 2.45pm Wed 9.30am to 5.00pm 21318
Fretwell, Ms Kirsten Outreach Co-ordinator (Pre-16 Engagement) 29870
Fryer, Miss Sally English Language Tutor 21780
Fursdon, Ms Alice English Language Tutor 28073
G Back to the top
Ganeva, Ms Polina Graduate Intern 23637
Gard, Miss Katie Faculty Support Assistant (Faculty of Engineering) 21291
Gardner, Mrs Genevieve Information Assistant 29866
Garnham, Mr Michael Outreach Administrator (Data) 29639
Gascoyne, Miss Angela Programme Information Project Officer 21366
Gascoyne, Miss Angela Quality Manager 21366
Gaunt, Ms Carolyn Faculty Support Assistant - (DfLL) (Thurs-Fri) 29757
Gautrey, Mrs Wendy Faculty Support Assistant (Faculty of Social Sciences) 21301
Giles, Miss Laura Educational Developer 20422
Gill, Mrs Susan Head of Learning and Teaching Services 20410
Glenister, Mr Richard Recruitment Communications Officer 21015
Goodliffe, Mr Peter Outreach & WP Co-ordinator (Pre-16) 24369
Gossan, Mrs Janet Receptionist 27171
Graham, Ms Barbara Practice Manager 22102
Grange, Mrs Glenys Admissions Assistant 29625
Grant, Miss Eve Learning and Teaching Clerical Support 20416
Grant, Mrs Janet Startup Coach & Business Incubation Manager (Part-time) 24044
Gray, Mrs Amy Jobshop Coordinator 20928
Green, Miss Madeleine Admissions Assistant 21031
Green, Mr Andrew IT Support 22105
Green, Mr Andrew Reception 22105
Green, Ms Debora Head of Student Support and Well-Being 21266
Green, Ms Debora Jewish Advisor 21266
Greenall, Ms Judith Information Assistant 20911
Greenland, Miss Lianne English Language Tutor 21780
Greenwood, Mr Adam Service & Project Coordinator 29684/21434
Greenwood, Mr Barry English Language Tutor 24936
Grindley, Dr Helen Senior Project Liaison Manager (Student Systems Project) 27054
Guillen-Solano, Mr Victor Academic Director ELSS 24935
Gwinnell, Ms Mary Service Administrator 21372
H Back to the top
Hafekost, Ms Pamela Information Systems Manager 20925
Hague, Mrs Sarah Learning and Teaching Development Manager 21352
Haire, Miss Rebecca Outreach Co-ordinator (Post-16 Engagement) 21021
Hall, Miss Laurice Senior Information Assistant 29866
Hallsworth, Mr Benjamin Assistant Practice Manager 27182
Hallsworth, Mr Benjamin Medical Records Summariser 22121
Hamilton, Miss Kate Senior Student Support Officer (Mon & Tues 9-5pm; Wed 9-12.30pm) 21262
Hamilton, Mrs Gaynor Outreach Manager (Pre-16 Engagement) 28035
Hamilton, Ms Amanda UK/EU Recruitment Manager 21024
Hammond, Mr Michael Faculty Support Assistant (Faculty of Science) 21273
Hancock, Mr Paul Work Experience Assistant 29840
Harasimowicz, Ms Barbara English Language Tutor 22185
Hardcastle, Mr Stephen Admissions Communications Officer 21409
Hardcastle, Mrs Sarah Data Analyst 26266
Hardy, Mrs Jo Student Examinations Manager 21283
Hardy, Mrs Rachel Practice Nurse 22109
Hargate, Miss Alice Student Skills Centre Assistant 29743
Harland, Reverend Catrin Methodist Chaplain 29861
Harrison, Miss Zara Assistant Disability Adviser 21303/21372
Hawkins, Miss Louise Receptionist 27191
Hawksworth, Mr Robert English Language Tutor 27152
Hawthorne, Miss Anna Activities Co-ordinator 24932
Hayhoe, Mr Kevin English Language Tutor 21780
Heap, Mr Hans Deputy Director 21793
Hewitt, Mrs Cheryl Training & Systems Coordinator 21277
Hezseltine, Mrs Marie Senior Financial Support Officer 21265
Hidalgo-Kingston, Mrs Ana Head of Registry Services 21280
Hill, Miss Jo Global Opportunities & Exchanges Assistant – Worldwide 26269
Hill, Mr James Team Leader 24026
Hill, Mrs Tracey Administration Deputy Manager 20917
Hodgins, Mr David Placement Team Manager 20947
Hodgins, Mr David Placement Team Manager 20947
Holland, Ms Ruth Careers Adviser 29843
Hollman, Ms Cilla English Language Tutor 21794
Holloway, Mr Dave Production Manager 20421
Hopkins, Ms Lynsey Head of Admissions 24122
Hordosy, Dr Rita Post-Doctoral Researcher 21752
Horton, Miss Amy Recruitment Support Manager 26263
Howarth, Ms Louise Student Fees Assistant & Overseas Sponsor Liaison Officer 23990
Hubbard, Ms Suzanne Buddhist Advisor 29702
Hughes, Mrs Gill Outreach Administrator (Comms) 21019
Hulme, Mrs Emma Registration Assistant (Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health) 21285
Hunt, Miss Liz Admissions Manager (Undergraduate) 24833
Hunt, Mr Michael English Language Tutor 28068
Hunter, Ms Caroline Reception Manager 28075
I Back to the top
Ibbotson, Mrs Sandra Assistant to the University Secretary 21051
Ibdali, Ms Julie English Language Tutor 28070
J Back to the top
Jackson, Mrs Katherine Admissions Assistant 28027
Jacques, Ms Mary Office Coordinator Monday and Tuesday 21370
Jakubovic, Dr Michael Doctor 22100
Jassal, Mrs Seetal Outreach and Widening Participation 21025
Jefferson, Miss Deborah English Language Tutor 27152
Jeffries, Miss Amy Manager - Student Skills & Dev Centre 29740
Jeggo, Miss Emma Senior Student Support Officer Weds 11.45am to 5.00pm Thurs/Fri 9.00am to 5.00pm 21279
Jenkin, Mr Christopher Clerical Assistant/ Marketing 26075/21780
Jensen, Mr Dominic Senior International Officer 29873
Johnson, Dr Oliver Academic Skills Development Adviser 21350
Johnstone, Ms Helen Academic Director - Full-time courses 24921
Johnstone, Ms Olivia International Student Support Officer 24768
Jones, Dr Hilary PGT/PGR Internship Coordinator 20932
Jones, Miss Amy UK/EU Student Recruitment Officer 21242
Jones, Miss Grace Projects and Development Assistant 21309
Jones, Mrs Alison Disability Adviser 21376
K Back to the top
Kent, Mrs Tracy Learning and Teaching Assistant 20417
Kerman, Mr Timothy ELTC Porter 21780
Kerr, Ms Libby Counsellor 24134
Kettlewell, Miss Sarah Careers Advisor 20930
Khan, Mr Imran Technical Officer 24922
Khan, Mr Mahbub Clerical Assistant 21780
Kieleczala, Mr Mateusz English Language Tutor 28073
King, Dr Jennifer Director 22100
King, Dr Jennifer Doctor 22100
Kingsley, Miss Alanna Student Support Assistant 21294
Kisielewska, Miss Agnieszka English Language Tutor 21796
Kitchen, Mrs Dale Counsellor 24134
Knapp-Wood, Mrs Jennifer Points Based System (PBS) Policy and Support Officer (Weds - Fri , 9.00am to 5.00pm) 24764
Knight, Mrs Caroline Outreach Officer (Pre-16 Engagement) 21023
Knowles, Ms Louise Head of Counselling 24134
L Back to the top
Lane, Dr Laura Widening Participation Researcher 20415
Lasebikan, Olutomilola Honorary Academics
Lauener, Miss Ruth International Officer 28025
Lawrence, Dr Alice Deputy Director 21797
Lawrence, Mr Mark English Language Tutor 28061
Leadley, Mrs Audrey Head of Student Support and Guidance 21368
Leavesley, Ms Sarah Projects and Communications Manager 24061
Lee, Miss Munha Counsellor 24134
Lenz, Miss Rebecca Financial Support Officer 21375
Lindley, Ms Francine Skills Development Co-ordinator 27442
Ling, Ms Yiyun Great Ambassador - China Scheme Co-ordin 20938
Lingard, Mrs Victoria Outreach Administrator (Partnerships) 29876
Lingard, Ms Katharine Quality Management Adviser 21203
Linskill, Mr Simon Widening Participation R&E Unit Assista 21754
Loates, Mr Andy Data Management Officer 20913
Lomas, Mr Richard Recruitment Assistant 21231
Lovery, Ms Janet English Language Tutor 28076
Lubelski, Mr Mark Disability Adviser 21264
M Back to the top
Mabbs, Mr Christopher Admissions Support Assistant 22195
MacCormack, Miss Dee Communications Manager 21362
MacCormack, Miss Dee Communications and Projects Manager 21362
Machin, Miss Lucy Outreach Co-ordinator (Post-16 Engagement) 21029
MacInnes, Mrs Sheridan English Language Tutor 28076
Macleod Jones, Mrs Heather Admissions Officer - Postgraduate (Maternity Leave until Nov 2016) 28041
Madanian Mohammadi, Mrs Azadeh Student Support and Visa Info Officer 23383
Mann, Ms Victoria Dyslexia Support 21792
Mardlin, Mrs Rachel Health Informatics Co-ordinator 27183
Mardlin, Mrs Rachel Head of Quality Assurance and Service Delivery 27183
Markham, Mr David Senior Examinations Assistant 21305
Marron, Ms Angela Quality Management Adviser 21751
Marshall, Mrs Ellen Maths & Statistics Tutor 21745
Martin, Mr Matthew Student Skills Centre Assistant 29741
Martin, Mrs Gaynor PA to Careers Service Director 20908
Marwood, Miss Kimberley Project Officer 21351
Masaba Kituyi, Mrs Becky Office Manager (Admissions) 25337
Matuszczyk, Mr Pawel English Language Tutor 21780
Mayes, Miss Tracy Academic Skills Development Adviser 25331
McCarthy, Mr Steven Careers Media Information Officer 20968
McCusker, Mr Neil Outreach Administrator (Post-16 Engagement) 25336
McGinn, Miss Chloe Information Assistant 29866
McGinn, Miss Jessica Clerical Assistant 21780
McGowan, Mrs Karen Admissions Manager (Alternative Routes & Programmes) 21422
McInnes, Dr Louise Academic Skills Development Advisor 25331
McKay, Mrs Gayle Disability Transition Officer 21315
McKenzie, Miss Pauline Senior Examinations Assistant 21298
McKenzie, Ms Alison Strategic Partnerships & Communications Manager 29878
McKeown, Ms Catherine Head of Financial Support 21268
McWhirter, Mr Samuel English Language Tutor 27152
Mellors, Miss Kerry Student Transitions & Support Assistant Mon/Tues 9.45am to 2.15pm Weds 9.00am to 5.00pm 24769
Merry, Mrs Elizabeth Faculty Support Assistant (Faculty of Arts & Humanities, School of Law) Mon, Tue, Wed) 21261
Meth, Ms Deanna Head of Projects and Development 21361
Miller, Mr Keith Faculty Support Assistant (Faculty of Social Sciences) 21275
Molyneux, Mrs Jill International Officer 21233
Money, Ms Rachel Work Experience Assistant (Transition) (on maternity leave) 29840
Moore, Mrs Melanie Compliance Officer 29623
Moore, Mrs Sarah Professional Development Officer 21753
Morby, Miss Hannah Admissions Assistant 24816
Morrey, Mrs Sian English Language Tutor 21789
Moss, Mr Tristan English Language Tutor 23338
Murgatroyd, Dr Nicholas English Language Tutor 28068
Murison, Miss Katie Careers Information Officer 20920
Mustafa, Miss Saima Clerical Assistant 21780
N Back to the top
Nance, Miss Melissa Outreach Administrator (Pre 16 Engagement) 29874
Narayan, Mrs Sara PA to the Director 21798
Narraway, Mrs Karen Office Assistant 26267
Nash, Mr William Academic Director -Teacher Training 21784
Nathan, Ms Holly English Language Tutor 21780
Naylor, Mrs Joanne Admissions Officer (Compliance) 22194
Neale, Mr Mark IT Support Officer 20969
Neasmith, Mrs Laura Office Co-ordinator 24093
Nelson, Miss June Clerical Assistant 21780
Newcombe, Dr Lynne English Language Tutor 27152
Nibbs, Ms Anna Enterprise Education Developer 24031
Nicholson, Ms Lauren Applicant Support Assistant 24124
Northall, Mr Nicholas English Language Tutor 21796
Nurse, Mrs Susan English Language Tutor 28076
O Back to the top
O'Connor, Miss Emma English Language Tutor 21780
O'Gara, Mr Paul Academic Director - Summer School 28066
O'Grady, Mr Michael English Language Tutor 24936
Oates, Miss Lucie Service Support and Operations Officer 24134
Orridge, Miss Nicola Quality Management Adviser 21750
Owen, Mrs Katie Faculty Support Assistant (DfLL) Tuesday 9.00am to 3.00pm and Wednesday 9.00am to 5.00pm 29757
P Back to the top
Pade, Mrs Ingita English Language Tutor 28070
Page, Mr Matthew Admissions Manager (PG) 21429
Parfitt, Ms Juliet English Language Tutor 28070
Parkin, Miss Jacqueline Student Administration Co-ordinator 21278
Partt, Miss Natasha Prevent and Safeguarding Project Officer 21293
Pates, Mrs Sara Head of Enterprise 24043
Peach, Miss Kirsty Outreach Administrator (Mentoring) 21389
Percival, Mrs Cornelia Medical Secretary 22125
Percival, Mrs Cornelia Secretary 22125
Pettitt, Reverend June Unitarian Advisor
Phillips, Dr Marcus On Secondment until Dec 2016 - Admissions Manager (Postgraduate) 21429
Picot, Mr Adam English Language Tutor 27152
Pitchford, Miss Julia Postgraduate/EU Student Recruitment 24903
Portlock, Dr Kim Doctor 22100
Pratt, Mr Nathan Applicant Support Assistant 29629
Prendergast, Ms Claire Senior International Officer - Marketing 21382
Price, Mrs Helen Marketing & Communications Coordinator 26191
Price, Mrs Nina Team Leader (Admissions) 21407
Price, Ms Izzy English Language Tutor 28076
Priestley, Ms Suzanne English Language Tutor 21786
Pringle, Mrs Emma English Language Tutor 27152
Proctor, Mrs Rebecca Student Transitions and Support Assistant Tues - Fri 9.15am to 2.30pm 21263
Puro, Ms Maria Academic Director - Part-time classes & Credit modules 24923
R Back to the top
Raby, Mr Richard English Language Tutor 28061
Radnor, Mr Timothy English Language Tutor 28076
Radnor, Mrs Jitka ELTC Examinations Officer 24931
Read, Mr David Academic Director - TELL 24929
Redfern, Mr Jake Outreach Assistant 22190
Revell, Ms Erin English Language Tutor 28070
Rezaie, Miss Holly Student Recruitment Co-ordinator 25329
Richardson, Mrs Helen Counsellor 24134
Richardson, Mrs Kate Quality Management Adviser 21748
Riley, Mrs Alison Enterprise Education Manager 24035
Riley-Lake, Mrs Shirley Course Administrator 20912
Riley-Lake, Mrs Shirley MIH Administrator (Part-time) 24040
Ritchie, Ms Fiona English Language Tutor 28070
Roberts, Mr Malcolm Student Communications Manager 23995
Rodgers, Miss Jamie Student Support Assistant 24762
Rodgers, Mr Paul Student Transitions and Support Manager 21322
Rodrigues-Davids, Ms Fay English Language Tutor 27152
Rogers, Mrs Gill Work Experience Assistant 20960
Rollett, Miss Faye Outreach & WP Administrator (Post-16) 29875
Root, Mrs Helen Practice Nurse 27184
Roper, Miss Angela Student Recruitment Team Leader 21241
Ross, Mrs Janet English Language Tutor 28076
Roth, Ms Linda English Language Tutor 28076
Rowland, Miss Eve Clerical Assistant 21780
Rull Ariza, Mrs Lynsey English Language Tutor 27152
Russell, Dr Nigel Professional Development Managers Team Leader 22474
Russell, Mrs Cara Office Administrator 21314
Russell, Ms Suzanne Support Worker Coordinator 21413
Rustage, Mr John English Language Tutor 28073
S Back to the top
Saeed, Miss Lindsey Information Assistant 29866
Salt, Miss Laura Outreach Administrator (Pre-16 Engagement) 21387
Samata, Dr Susan English Language Tutor 24936
Saville, Ms Jenni Deputy Head - International Office 23600
Sawtell, Miss Koren Clerical Assistant 21780
Scheinkonig, Mrs Lucy Outreach Co-ordinator (Mentoring) 22199
Shahid, Miss Sarah Clerical Assistant 21780
Shepherd, Ms Ellie Employer Relations Officer 20905
Shippam, Miss Karen Senior Faculty Support Assistant (Faculties of Arts and Humanities, and Social Sciences) 21411
Simm, Ms Jane Careers Adviser 20921
Simmonite, Miss Lucy Clerical Assistant 20900
Simmons, Miss Chloe-Jade Student Skills Centre Assistant 29742
Simms, Mrs Kimberley Outreach Officer (Communications & Data) 21323
Simpson, Mr Philip Disability Adviser 21376
Simpson, Mr Richard Director 21790
Slack, Miss Samantha Student Support Assistant (Mo, Tue, Thurs, Fri 10.30 am to 2.30 pm, Wed 10.30 am to 3.30 pm) 21388
Slack, Mr Mark Nurse Manager 27183
Slater, Miss Beverley English Language Tutor 27152
Sloman, Mrs Ann-Marie Mental Health Adviser Monday-Thursday 21308
Smillie, Mr Gavin Careers Information Assistant 20919
Smith, Dr Edward HEAR & Projects Officer 21272
Smith, Miss Amy Admissions Officer (Qualifications) 28024
Smith, Miss Charlotte Admissions Assistant 22197
Smith, Mr Chris English Language Tutor 27152
Smith, Mr Philip English Language Tutor 28070
Smith, Mrs Jackie Assistant to Louise Woodcock, Head of Academic & Learning Services 21354
Smith, Mrs Kate Outreach Officer (Post-16 Engagement) 29877
Soltani, Dr Hassan Doctor 22100
Spark, Mr Robert Educational Content Developer 20413
Spencer, Mr Richard Faculty Support Assistant (School of Law) 29755
Stamp, Mrs Lynne Faculty Support Assistant (Faculty of Arts & Humanities, School of Law) Thurs, Fri) 21261
Stapley, Ms Amal Admissions Assistant 28047
Stelman, Ms Hannah International Officer 21018
Stentiford, Ms Chloe-Eve Employer Assistant 20903
Stevens, Miss Jennie PA and Office Coordinator 21010
Stevenson, Mrs Becky Global Opportunities & Exchanges Coordinator – Worldwide 21248
Stevenson, Mrs Dorte Head of Global Opportunities & Exchanges 21230
Stewart, Mr Greg Careers Media Information Assistant 20944
Stewart, Mr Simon Information Systems Officer 29866
Stocker, Miss Olivia Outreach Co-ordinator (Academic Skills) 24905
Storey, Mrs Juliet Lead Educational Developer 21204
Sugden, Ms Jennie Project Officer - Achieve More 20408
Sugden, Ms Jennie Student Information Manager 21292
Sullivan, Mrs Michelle ELTC Admin Manager 21785
Sutcliffe, Mr Graham English Language Tutor 24936
Sutcliffe, Ms Joanna English Language Tutor 28068
Sutherland, Ms Frances Educational Developer 21353
Sutton, Ms Sally Student Conduct and Appeals Manager, Mon & Tues 09.30-14.45 / Thurs 09.30-12.00 / Wed & Fri 09.30-17.00 29622
Swift, Mrs Rebecca Learning & Teaching Clerical Support 21364
Symington, Ms Anna Project Support Manager: MOOC 20425
Szawlowski, Miss Sandie Graduate Intern - Partnerships 24368
T Back to the top
Talbert, Mr Stephen English Language Tutor 28068
Talbot, Miss Laura Employer Relations Assistant 20901
Tanzi, Mrs Kate Marketing & Delivery Officer 20934
Tarhuni, Mrs Fatma English Language Tutor 28070
Tate, Mr Richard Registration Assistant 23997
Tattam, Dr Helen Student Information Manager 21292
Taylor, Miss Josephine English Language Tutor 21789
Taylor, Mrs Liz Enterprise Officer (Part-time) 24045
Tazi-Ahnini, Dr Rachid Muslim Advisor 813785
Telford, Miss Janet Examinations Administrator 21282
Thain, Miss Hannah Compliance Assistant 21055
Thompson, Miss Stephanie Admissions Assistant 28045
Thompson, Mrs Jo PG/EU Recruitment Officer 29181
Thompson, Ms Clare Support Worker Co-ordinator 23991
Thompson, Ms Teresa Senior Information Assistant 21270/29866
Thorpe, Mrs Helen Student Placement Coordinator 20937
Tibbles, Mrs Krithia Recruitment Support Manager 21049
Timmins, Ms Patricia Receptionist 27170
Towl, Miss Josephine Quality Management Adviser 21355
Trafford, Mr James Student Fees Assistant 21306
Travis, Miss Sarah CRM and Open Days Co-ordinator 26264
Tregellas, Mr Matthew English Language Tutor 27152
Treslove, Mrs Lynn Office and Systems Manager (Wed, Thurs, Fri) 21328
Truswell, Mr Matt Outreach & WP Co-ordinator (Mentoring) 22199
Truswell, Mr Matt Student Recruitment Activities Officer 21377
Tudhope, Ms Emma Dyslexia Support Tutor 24934
Turner, Mr George English Language Tutor 28076
Turner, Ms Anne English Language Tutor 28068
Twiname, Mr John English Language Tutor 28070
V Back to the top
Valiou, Ms Evdokia English Language Tutor 28070
Vance, Miss Sarah Employer Relations Officer 20924
Vaughan, Mr Daniel Faculty Support Assistant (Faculty of MDH) 21326
Villegas, Ms Paula English Language Tutor 21780
Villis, Ms Diane Assistant to Audrey Leadley, International Senior Student Support Assistant and Office Co-ordinator 21269
W Back to the top
Walker, Miss Alexandra English Language Tutor 27152
Walker, Miss Louise Clerical Assistant 21780
Walker, Mrs Alex Student Registration Manager 21300
Waller, Mrs Angela Admissions Assistant 24818
Waller, Mrs Sharon Student Recruitment Administrator 21238
Walters, Mrs Marion Learning and Teaching Clerical Support 21357
Ward, Mr Richard Learning & Teaching Development Manager 21358
Ward, Ms Dinah English Language Tutor 28068
Warkup, Mr Daniel Student Recruitment Officer 24904
Watson, Mr Matthew Academic Director - Exams 28071
Webb, Mrs Chris Dyslexia Support Tutor 24926
Webb, Ms Safina Counsellor 24134
Wells, Ms Gosia Head of International Office 21258
West, Dr Andrew University Secretary 21260
Westgate, Mrs Susan Health Care Assistant 22106
White, Mrs Jo Registration Assistant 23992
White, Mrs Rachael Recruitment Support Manager 26262
Whitehead, Mrs Hilary English Language Tutor 27152
Whitley, Mrs Jayne Registration Helpdesk Assistant 21288
Whitt, Dr Naomi General Practitioner 22100
Whorrall, Ms Hilary Careers Adviser 20926
Wild, Mrs Barbara Staff Nurse 22100
Wildish-Jones, Miss Holly Graduate Marketing Intern 24037
Wilkinson, Miss Jane Senior Faculty Support Assistant, Faculties of Engineering & Science 21325
Williams, Mr Lee Graduate Intern (Outreach & WP) 24367
Wilson, Miss Belinda Service Support and Operations Officer 24131
Wilson, Ms Heather English Language Tutor 24930
Winter, Miss Joanne Recruitment Communications Manager 21040
Wise, Ms Melanie English Language Tutor 28068
Witham, Miss Alison International Officer 24815
Wong, Mr Matthew Clerical Assistant 21780
Wood, Mr Gary Enterprise Education Developer 24033
Woodcock, Ms Louise Head of Academic and Learning Services 21742
Woodford, Mrs Katy International Officer 21384
Woodward, Mrs Jayne Disability Adviser 21312
Woof, Mrs India Project Officer 20414
Woolf, Ms Sharon English Language Tutor 21780
Woolway, Mr Joe Senior Financial Support Officer (Scholarships) 24760
Wormald, Dr Andrew Admissions Officer (PG) 28041
Wragg, Mrs Arlene Admissions Officer (Undergraduate) 24813
Wren, Dr Mary General Practitioner 22100
Wright, Mrs Alison Zone Administrator (Part-time) 24046
Wright, Mrs Clare Careers Adviser 20966
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Yeomans, Mrs Ann Team Leader 20902
Z Back to the top
Zammit-Garnham, Mrs Laura Admissions Assistant 21259
Zheng, Ms Fang International Student Support Officer 21374
Zientek, Mr Marcus Careers Adviser 20922


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Name Comments Email address Telephone
Careers Library Enquiries Telephone enquiries for the Careers Service Library or to book an appointment with an advisor 20910
Chaplaincy Office Office 28923
General Enquiries - Careers Service All general telephone enquiries to the Careers Service 20900
Appointments 22100
Dr Ruchika Julka Religious Advisor Hindu
Father Edwin Hunt Associate Chaplain Eastern Orthodox 275141
General Enquiries 22100
General Enquiries 21780
General enquiries 21319
General Enquiries - Staff Only 29866/29867
International Exchanges Enquiries 29871
Mr Surinder S Dhillon Sikh Advisor 28923
Nurse Practitioner Advice & Appointments for Minor Ailments 22100
Out of Hours Services - Nights, Weekends & Bank Holidays 22100
Repeat Prescriptions 22100
Results Line 22111
Work Experience General Enquiries All general enquiries 20940/20941