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9-11th February 2015

Penny Buykx and Susi Sadler attend a CRUK Sandpit

Penny and Susi attended Cancer Research UK’s second ‘sandpit’ event - part of the CRUK/BUPA Foundation Cancer Prevention Initiative, which aims to prevent cancer by funding cutting-edge research into behavioural and lifestyle changes. The aim of the event was to catalyse new multidisciplinary collaborations and develop innovative, radical and pioneering research in cancer prevention by bringing together a range of academic, industry, and community sector representatives, along with CRUK Centre of Excellence for Public Health Director and topic-specialist mentors to develop innovative and collaborative new research ideas.

Over the intensive three days of the event, participants identified a huge range of potential topics for research and intervention development related to the topic of risk perception and how this affects decision-making, behaviours and therefore cancer risk. Groups then worked together to select, develop and pitch skeleton research proposals for feasibility study funding.

Penny was part of a group which successfully bid to run a small study to develop a framework to record how politicians discuss alcohol and alcohol-related issues and policies. The content of publicly available documents, including speeches, interviews and media statements will be analysed in order to increase understanding of how issues of alcohol policy are framed and understood by key politicians and the potential relationship of this with decision making.

Penny and Susi also developed a successful bid along with psychologists and marketing experts to develop and design a novel mobile phone app aimed at helping people establish new habits for increased activity by encouraging them to record and diarise the good feelings associated with that activity (the ‘Bank of Good Times’!).

These projects will kick-off in April 2015 for twelve months, and are then expected to lead to the development of high-quality full CRUK research proposals for 2016 onwards.

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