Research Themes in the Section of Public Health

Pub Health Research

Health Inequalities

The Section has a wide and varied programme of work around inequalities in health and in access to health care services. Specific areas of work cover conditions such as diabetes and asthma and locations such as the community, primary care, rural and occupational environments.

Obesity Research

Responding to and tackling obesity currently represents a major public health challenge. This programme of work includes setting up a cohort to study the changing nature of weight and health; providing an evaluation service for the NHS in South Yorkshire with particular reference to health, weight and obesity and exploring aspects of childhood obesity.

Alcohol Policy

This research programme includes several projects modelling the effect of alcohol pricing and marketing on alcohol consumption and alcohol related harm in England and Scotland

Public Health GIS Unit

The Public Health GIS Unit specialises in the application of GIS based techniques and spatial modelling to health related research. The Unit´s primary research interests lie in:

  • Geographical and environmental epidemiology
  • Geographical variations in health and healthcare
  • GIS and spatial analysis techniques

International Health

This research programme is concerned with contemporary issues in international health. Research interests include: health literacy; maternal, reproductive and sexual health; health system governance; the politics and practice of international health aid; and global public health management.

Patient Safety and Quality Improvement

This research programme is concerned with improving safety for patients and with quality improvement. Primary and secondary research is undertaken on understand the causes of safety threats and creation of solutions, with the implementation of clinical evidence and with the development of evidence bases for national clinical guidelines.

Public Involvement in Health Research

A research programme on the topic of public health involvement in health research is focused around the following three questions: (1) What is the impact of public involvement on health research processes and outcomes? (2) What does it mean to involve the public successfully in health research? (3) What are the attitudes of key stakeholders to public involvement in health research?

Public Health Decision Making

There are many methodological challenges in constructing economic models for public health decision making. Public health interventions, because they act upstream on the determinants of health, usually have an impact on multiple health related processes. If these processes are not completely understood then determining the correct model structure is difficult. Our current project seeks to develop methods for managing structural uncertainty in health economic decision models.

Environment and Health

The ScHARR Environment and Health group has been established to pursue research, teaching and knowledge transfer activities associated with the study of interactions between the environment, health and health care.  We meet monthly to discuss new and existing projects and the group is open to staff and students in the School.  We also welcome enquiries from staff in other departments who would like to participate.

Food and Nutrition