Honorary, Seconded and Visiting Staff

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Name Job Title Email Telephone
Anil Adisesh Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer anil.adisesh@hsl.co.uk
Ben Anderson Honorary Senior Lecturer b.anderson@sheffield.ac.uk
Nachi Arunachalam Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer
Rosemary Barber Honorary Senior Research Fellow rosemary.barber@sheffield.ac.uk 222 0754
Helen Baston Honorary Research Fellow h.baston@sheffield.ac.uk
Mick Bond Honorary Research Fellow mick.bond@sheffield.ac.uk
Jonathan Boote Honorary Research Fellow j.boote@sheffield.ac.uk
Gilly Brenner Public Health Trainee (Secondment)
Julia Burrows Honorary Senior Lecturer julia.burrows@nhs.net
Matt Capehorn Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer mcapehorn@yahoo.co.uk
Lynne Carter Honorary Research Fellow
Jo Cooke Honorary Senior Research Fellow j.m.cooke@sheffield.ac.uk  226 5518
Matthew Day Honorary Lecturer m.s.day@sheffield.ac.uk
Anastasios Diamantidis Honorary Lecturer
Nick Fox Honorary Professor of Sociology n.j.fox@sheffield.ac.uk 222 0808
Frederike Garbe Public Health Trainee (Secondment)
Lucy Gavens (formerly Gell) Honorary Research Fellow lucy.gavens@nhs.net
Allen Hutchinson Emeritus Professor allen.hutchinson@sheffield.ac.uk 222 0811
Amrita Jesurasa Honorary Clinical Lecturer
Graham Jones Honorary Lecturer graham.jones@sheffield.ac.uk 222 0771
Eva (Zhi Hong) Liu Honorary Research Fellow eva.z.liu@sheffield.ac.uk
Suzanna Mathew Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer
Kelly MacKenzie Honorary Clinical Lecturer kelly.mackenzie@sheffield.ac.uk
222 6307
David Meechan Honorary Senior Research Fellow d.meechan@nhs.net
Jenny Owen Honorary Senior Lecturer j.m.owen@sheffield.ac.uk
Nick Payne Associate Director, School for Public Health Research, ScHARR, and Honorary Professor of Public Health n.payne@sheffield.ac.uk 222 0818
Marian Peacock Honorary Research Fellow m.peacock@sheffield.ac.uk
Wendy Phillips Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer w.phillips@sheffield.ac.uk
Stephen Pintus Honorary Senior Lecturer
Giles Ratcliffe Honorary Lecturer g.ratcliffe@sheffield.ac.uk
Padam Simkhada Honorary Senior Lecturer p.simkhada@sheffield.ac.uk
Christine Smith Honorary Research Fellow christinesmith@nhs.net  
Ruth Speare Public Health Trainee (Secondment) ruth.speare@sheffield.ac.uk
222 6307
Susy Stirling Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer Susy.stirling@nhs.net
Perihan Torun Honorary Lecturer p.torun@sheffield.ac.uk
Ganga Lal Tuladhar Honorary Research Fellow g.tuladhar@sheffield.ac.uk
Patrice Van Cleemput Honorary Research Fellow p.vancleemput@sheffield.ac.uk
Jeremy Wight Honorary Professor jeremy.wight@nhs.net
Toni Williams Honorary Lecturer toni.williams@sheffield.ac.uk
Lerleen Willis Honorary Research Fellow lerleen.willis@sheffield.gcsx.gov.uk
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