Health Technology Assessment MOOC


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What does the MOOC cover?

This course introduces you to Health Technology Assessment (HTA) as a concept (what it is, what it involves) and then takes you through the key stages in the HTA and decision-making process:

  • Identifying technologies for development;
  • Evaluating these technologies in trials and measuring key outcomes, such as Quality of Life (health economics)
  • Appraising and pooling the evidence from these trials to determine the effect of a technology (clinical effectiveness review)
  • Assessing the cost-effectiveness of those technologies (decision-analytic modelling)
  • Considering how the results from this HTA process are used to inform reimbursement and pricing decisions in different countries

This course necessarily only offers a simple and brief introduction to, and overview of each of these stages in the process. However, it uses materials adapted from the online, distance learning full postgraduate programme on International HTA, Pricing and Reimbursement.

 What previous students have to say about the HTA MOOC:

"Thank you very much for making this course available. The lectures were interesting, clear and informative, and overall I am really pleased with what I have learned"

"Well done to all the contributors of this MOOC, it has been an excellent and engaging learning experience. Principles, specific topics, examples, recorded lectures were all organised in a consistent way"

"This is my very first MOOC and I enjoyed this way of learning a lot thanks to you. The course materials were presented in an engaging manner. You have done fantastic work to facilitate the course. I have learned useful basic principles in health economics which were new to me. I realised that HTA is practised in different ways and that there are reasons for it. My understanding of HTA as a method has improved. The course has been an inspiration to learn more and I will consider taking a more advanced course on this topic. Thank you all."