Dr. Garrett Wallace Brown - Publications


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Journal Articles

  • Brown, G.W. (2014) “Norm Diffusion, Participation and Health System Strengthening: The Persistent Relevance of National Leadership in Global Health Governance,” Review of International Studies, Vol. 40 (5): 877-896.
  • Brown, G.W. (2014) ‘The European Union and Kant’s Idea of Cosmopolitan Right: Why the EU is not Cosmopolitan,’ European Journal of International Relations. Vol. 20 (3): 671-693.
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Book Chapters

  • Brown, G.W. (2015) “Mieuxvautprevenirqueguerir: Repenserl’approchecosmopolitique de l’interventionhumanitaire,” in O. Frouville (ed.) Cosmopolitisme, federalism et protection des droits de l’homme. Paris: Pedone.
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  • Brown, G.W. (2013) ‘Are States Still Sovereign in the World?: Locating Compatibility Between Sovereignty and Cosmopolitan Governance,’ in G. Prins and J. Moehring (eds.) Sail On o’ Ship of State: The Persistent Relevance of the Nation-State (London, Nottinghill Press).
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Other Peer Reviewed Publications

  • Brown, G.W. and Gallagher A. (2015) Humanity and the Responsibility to Protect, special isssue, International Politics.
  • Brown, G.W. (2015) 'Knowledge, Politics and Power in Global Health,' International Journal of Health Policy and Management, Vol. 4, no. 2.
  • Brown, G.W. (2015) 'Evidence is only good with proper consideration for how and why it should be used: Why we need more interdisciplinary discussion between researchers in global health,' International Health and Human Rights, Feb.
  • Brown, G.W. w/ A. Barnes and S. Harman (2013) ‘Insights on the Positives and Negatives of Performance Based Funding in African Health Systems Strengthening,’ EQUINET AFRICA, Vol. 11, no. 1.
  • Brown, G.W. (2012) Performance Based Funding for African Health Systems: Who is Setting the Agenda?,” EQUINET AFRICA, Vol. 10, no. 2.
  • Brown, G.W. & S. Harman (2011) Risk, Perceptions of Risk and Global Health Governance, special issue, Political Studies, Vol. 54 (4).
  • Brown, G.W. & D. Held (2006) ‘Global Institutional Design: The Accountability and Effectiveness of the Global Fund to Flight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Maria,’ Ford Foundation, Project on Global Institutional Design, London School of Economics.

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