PHI340 Aristotle


This module will examine some major themes in Aristotle's metaphysics.

There will be an introduction to, and sustained discussion of, such central Aristotelian notions as form, matter, cause, nature, substance, actuality and potentiality.

Students will read material extracted from a range of Aristotelian works: Categories; Topics; Physics books 1,2 and 3; Generation and Corruption books 1 and 2; Metaphysics books 5, 7, 8, 9 and 12.

The aim of the module is to encourage students to read important yet difficult Aristotelian texts, to engage critically with the ideas and arguments contained therein and to provide some appreciation of Aristotle's place in the ancient philosophical world and his contribution to contemporary metaphysical debate.


One coursework essay (50%) and one two hour examination (50%); or one long essay.


Stephen Makin

Lectures: Spring semester 2015-16

Tues 1-2
Mappin LT11

Tues 3-4
Mappin LT09

Seminars (starting from Week 3)

Thurs 12-1
JB-SR 117

Thurs 2-3
JB-SR 117