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    Improving care for stroke patients in South Yorkshire

    Hospitals in South Yorkshire are being urged to treat stroke as a medical emergency at all times in order to improve patient care.

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  2. Honey bees

    Researchers identify new components of the epigenetic ‘code’ for honey bee development

    Researchers from the UK and Australia have uncovered a new element of the honeybee’s genetic makeup, which may help to explain why bees are so sensitive to environmental changes.

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    Ultrasound can now monitor the health of your car engine

    A system that uses ultrasound technology to look inside car engines could lead to more efficient engines – and huge fuel savings for motorists.

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  4. Stem cell therapy

    New technique to deliver stem cell therapy may help damaged eyes regain their sight

    Engineers at the University of Sheffield have developed a new technique for delivering stem cell therapy to the eye which they hope will help the natural repair of eyes damaged by accident or disease. This could help millions of people across the world retain – or even regain - their sight.

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  5. Heeley History Workshop

    New community heritage projects announced

    Fifteen new community projects have been awarded Heritage Lottery funding with support from the University of Sheffield.

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    Camera captures out of this world images

    Advances in our knowledge of planets in the outer reaches of our Solar system are being made thanks to an instrument created by experts at the University of Sheffield which observes high speed phenomena in outer space.

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    Treegonometry: the formula for the perfect Christmas tree

    Members of the University's Maths society, called SUMS, have put an end to bare branches, by calculating the amount of baubles, tinsel and lights needed, as well as the size of the essential star on top.

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    University of the Year award is a springboard to success

    Not even the sky was a limit for the University of Sheffield in an amazing 12 months as Times Higher Education University of the Year – a period that saw staff and students reach Olympic feats.

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    Innovative project set to use cosmic rays detectors to map out carbon storage volumes

    Researchers from the University of Sheffield will be at the centre of a bid by a group of scientists to develop a novel technique using cosmic rays for monitoring storage sites for carbon dioxide.

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    Older siblings both help and hinder their younger brothers and sisters

    Big brothers and sisters have long been said to torment their younger counterparts but new research by the University of Sheffield shows they can actually increase the chances of their siblings living to adulthood.

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  11. Festival of the Mind

    Festival of the Mind set to return after resounding success

    The University of Sheffield’s Festival of the Mind is set to return to Sheffield after the resounding success of this year’s festival, which saw over 16,000 visitors in 11 days.

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    Ground-breaking research into a cure for blood cancer

    A ground-breaking treatment for blood cancer has moved a step closer thanks to pioneering research by University of Sheffield scientists.

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    Sheffield receives highest regional share of national university investment award

    Business Secretary Vince Cable today (Thursday 15 November 2012) announced that the University of Sheffield will be amongst several UK universities to receive a share of a £60m investment, helping the most pioneering scientists and engineers create successful businesses from their research, improve industrial collaboration, and foster greater entrepreneurship.

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    Scientists target enzyme in bid to tackle chronic kidney disease

    Scientists at the University of Sheffield are investigating an enzyme – known to be responsible for kidney failure – to discover how it can be targeted and blocked before serious problems occur.

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    Major research gaps exist for how emergencies are managed in the UK

    Experts from the University of Sheffield analysing emergency responses and management to major incidents such as flash flooding, severe cold weather events and terrorist incidents in the UK have found gaps in the knowledge base.

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