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  1. The Conversation UK

    University of Sheffield joins The Conversation

    The University of Sheffield is one of thirteen pioneering UK universities that have joined forces to found ‘The Conversation UK’ – a new approach to research in the media.

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  2. thumb

    Researchers take you on a journey of discovery

    Smashing strawberries to extract the DNA, mini creatures living all over our bodies, and medical implants used in hospital operations are just some of the things to be amazed by when the University of Sheffield opens up its doors for Discovery Night as part of the Sheffield Festival of Science and Engineering.

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  3. thumb

    The human musculoskeletal system created using computer models will lead to personalised treatment

    A computer model of the human musculoskeletal system will be mapped out by researchers at the University of Sheffield following a £6.7 million grant that will lead to personalised treatment for diseases such as osteoporosis, arthritis and back pain, saving money and resulting in better outcomes and faster recovery.

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  4. thumbbird

    Scientists identify why some fathers are left holding the baby

    A century old mystery as to why, for some animals, it’s the father rather than the mother that takes care of their young has been cracked by researchers at the University of Sheffield.

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  5. Thumbnail

    Distinguished team leads way on gluten-related disease

    A specialist centre which aims to better understand unpredictable signs and symptoms of a common gut disorder has been established in Sheffield.

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  6. Thumbnail

    Breakthrough paves the way for treatments preventing premature births

    Scientists from the University of Sheffield have discovered that a key gene in the womb, which stops labour occurring too early, is switched off by inflammation in the uterus at the time labour begins – a discovery which paves the way for developing new treatments to prevent premature births.

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  7. Flags of the world on Sheffield Town Hall

    New report demonstrates £120 million benefit of international students to Sheffield economy

    At a House of Commons launch today (Monday 4 March 2013), the University of Sheffield will unveil ground breaking research that shows international students in the city are responsible for pumping over £120 million into Sheffield’s economy over a single year.

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  8. Bradford Beck (Credit: Michael Canning)

    Report calls for Bradford's hidden asset to be uncovered

    A river once deemed the ‘filthiest in England’ could become attractive and healthy again, according to the final report of the Bradford Beck project, published today (5 March 2013). The report lays out ambitious plans to clean up and improve the river, allowing wildlife to thrive and making it an asset to the West Yorkshire city.

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  9. Marginal miniature of Geoffrey Chaucer

    Contribute to a new cultural picture of medieval Britain

    Launched today, Manuscripts Online brings to life early printed primary sources of medieval Britain, giving online access to written materials from the year 1000 to 1500 and allowing users to contribute to the collective body of knowledge on the subject for the first time.

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  10. ball

    World’s first database of baseball statues compiled by UK researchers

    The first ever database of statues commemorating baseball’s biggest stars, featuring legendary players, managers, owners, broadcasters and even famous fans, has been compiled by researchers from the University of Sheffield.

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  11. insulation

    Independent investigation reveals communities’ thoughts on Government’s Green Deal

    Implications and challenges surrounding the Governments energy-efficiency flagship programme the Green Deal have been raised by University of Sheffield researchers following an investigation into what low income communities in the Yorkshire and Humberside region think of the scheme.

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  12. Thumbnail

    Human heart development slower than other mammals

    The walls of the human heart are a disorganised jumble of tissue until relatively late in pregnancy, despite having the shape of a fully functioning heart, according to a pioneering study.

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    Paving the way for pioneering new cancer treatments

    Scientists at the University of Sheffield are fighting an incurable type of cancer with a pioneering new approach which could not only halt devastating bone damage, but also repair it.

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  14. A Living Wall

    Research into living walls aims to improve urban life

    A year-long research programme at the University of Sheffield is aiming to improve urban life in the UK through the use of living walls.

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  15. thumb

    Solar cell fabrication is simplified by spray painting

    Solar cells made using a process like spray painting have been developed by a research collaboration between scientists at the University of Sheffield.

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