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  1. Swarming robots

    Sheffield team show simplicity is key to co-operative robots

    A way of making hundreds - or even thousands - of tiny robots cluster to carry out tasks without using any memory or processing power has been developed by engineers at the University of Sheffield.

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  2. Professor Mike Hounslow, Pro Vice Chancellor of Engineering, Pam Liversidge and Professor Elena Rodr

    London Eye designer shares secrets at opening of world-class University facility

    University of Sheffield engineering graduate Dr John Roberts – the designer of the London Eye, one of the most iconic visitor attractions in the world, as well as white knuckle roller coaster rides such as the Pepsi Max Big One – will be sharing his design secrets when he speaks at the official opening of the University's new Pam Liversidge Building on Monday (14 April 2014).

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    3D printing trials of unmanned aircraft broaden the possibilities for this emergent technology

    Engineers at the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) at the University of Sheffield have successfully printed a 1.5m-wide prototype unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) for a research project looking at 3D printing of complex designs.

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  4. A house that participated in the BIG Energy Upgrade

    Energy scheme is big success, according to study

    A pioneering £15.76 million project, which has seen thousands of energy efficient measures installed in homes across some of Yorkshire and Humber's most deprived communities, is being hailed a success following research by the University of Sheffield.

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    Festival to showcase science and engineering

    A spectacular festival which puts the weird and wonderful world of science and engineering in the spotlight, led by the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University together with the city’s museums, kicks off this week (Friday 14 March 2014).

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  6. Professor Elena Rodriguez-Falcon

    Perception of women in engineering needs to be changed from early age, says University professor

    Popular culture's influence on how children perceive a career in engineering or computer science cannot be underestimated, the University's Faculty Director of Women in Engineering, has told National Public Radio's Tell Me More show in the US.

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  7. A senior engineer with an apprentice at the University of Sheffield AMRC

    Bosses go back to the floor for National Apprenticeship Week

    To mark National Apprenticeship Week 2014, the AMRC Training Centre invited senior managers from local manufacturing employers – all of whom currently have apprentices at the Training Centre – to go back to the floor and spend a day as an apprentice.

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  8. Sheffield Business Park

    Land deal supports advanced manufacturing ambitions

    The University of Sheffield has signed a deal to secure 50 acres of land at Sheffield Business Park – a move which will support the progress of exciting plans to create a critical mass of hi-tech, advanced manufacturing businesses along the Parkway corridor.

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  9. The system could have helped verify online rumours during the London riots

    EU project to build lie detector for social media

    In our digital age, rumours – both true and false - spread fast, often with far-reaching consequences. An international group of researchers, led by the University of Sheffield, is aiming to build a system that will automatically verify online rumours as they spread around the globe.

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    UK floods: urban water professor urges Government to listen to science

    Professor Richard Ashley, Professor of Urban Water at the University of Sheffield, who wrote a report on flooding risk for the Labour Government in 2004, said its findings have been ignored and politicians need to stop disregarding science.

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    One of the world's leading female engineers is recognised by University

    The revolutionary engineering graduate school building at the University of Sheffield has today (7 February 2014) been named after one of the world's leading female engineers.

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    Pioneering training centre is regenerating the UK’s manufacturing industry

    The University of Sheffield's pioneering apprenticeship training centre, which will provide the next generation of world leading engineers, is today (23 January 2014) opening its doors to over 200 employers to showcase its revolutionary facilities.

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  13. Destroyed houses and cars following Haiti earthquake

    Building ‘belt’ offers cheap, quick repair of earthquake damage

    Four years after the January 2010 earthquake, 145,000 people still remain homeless in Haiti.

    A cheap and simple technology to repair earthquake damaged buildings – developed at the University of Sheffield – could help to reduce these delays by quickly making buildings safe and habitable.

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  14. Professor Keith Ridgway

    Royal Aeronautical Society honours founder of world-leading AMRC

    University of Sheffield Professor Keith Ridgway has this week been made an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society, the world’s most prestigious and long standing aerospace award honouring achievement, innovation and excellence.

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    Titanium Powder used to 3D print automotive parts

    To date, the 3D printing revolution has focused on the use of plastics – cheap printers' feedstock and high throughput. Until now 3D printing with metal has been prohibitively expensive because of the cost of titanium powders which currently sell for $200-$400 per kilogram.

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