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  1. Centre for the Freedom of the Media

    University leads call for the protection and safety of journalists across the world

    The Centre for Freedom of the Media (CFOM) at the University of Sheffield yesterday led a call for the increased safety and protection of journalists across the world.

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  2. Subways are for Sleeping

    Forgotten Broadway musical reconstructed for European premiere

    A forgotten Broadway musical will get its European premiere after a University of Sheffield student worked through boxes of neglected manuscripts to reconstruct the score, which has not been heard anywhere in the world since 1962.

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    World's largest-ever Parkinson's disease study

    This week (Monday 7 April–Sunday 13 April 2014) marks National Parkinson's Awareness Week. Each day, 80 people are newly diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease (PD) in the UK and one in 20 will be under the age of 40.

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  4. A statue of Valery Lobanovsky. Credit: Ffion Thomas

    World's first database of footballer statues compiled by UK researchers

    A database of statues commemorating football’s heroes around the world has been compiled by researchers from the University of Sheffield.

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  5. Autism

    University research focuses on the early diagnosis of autism

    World Autism Day (today) is an opportunity to highlight the need for vital research into the condition, according to a researcher at the University of Sheffield.

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    3D printing trials of unmanned aircraft broaden the possibilities for this emergent technology

    Engineers at the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) at the University of Sheffield have successfully printed a 1.5m-wide prototype unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) for a research project looking at 3D printing of complex designs.

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    Life hots up for British birds

    Climate change may be bad news for billions, but scientists at the University of Sheffield have discovered one unlikely winner – a tiny British bird, the long-tailed tit.

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    24-hour lecture marathon in tribute to a remarkable scientist

    World-leading academics from the University of Sheffield are taking part in a 24-hour charity lecture marathon this week (27-28 March 2014) in tribute to a remarkable scientist who dedicated his life to inspiring others through science.

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  9. Fairy Tern birds

    Biased sex ratios predict more promiscuity, polygamy and divorce in birds

    Birds in female-dominated populations are more likely to ditch and ‘divorce’ their mates while promiscuity increases in predominantly male environments, according to new research.

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  10. A house that participated in the BIG Energy Upgrade

    Energy scheme is big success, according to study

    A pioneering £15.76 million project, which has seen thousands of energy efficient measures installed in homes across some of Yorkshire and Humber's most deprived communities, is being hailed a success following research by the University of Sheffield.

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  11. Pound coin.

    Budget changes to tax allowances will not help the lowest paid in Northern regions, experts say

    Chancellor George Osborne’s plan to increase the income tax personal allowance will benefit London and the South-East more than the North and does nothing to alleviate regional pay inequality, according to academics at the Sheffield Political Economy Research Institute (SPERI).

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  12. Craig Berry

    Budget is an inadequate fix for manufacturing, says University expert

    Chancellor George Osborne’s budget for ‘makers’ fails to tackle the obstacles needed for a resurgence in British manufacturing, according to an expert at the University of Sheffield.

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    Groundbreaking film gives unprecedented insight into student visa applications

    Today (19 March 2014) a ground breaking film will be unveiled at the House of Commons which helps the most talented students from across the globe better understand how to apply to study at the UK’s leading universities.

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  14. Members of staff

    University growth sees staff numbers hit record high

    The University of Sheffield today revealed it has passed a major milestone with staff numbers crossing the 7,000 mark.

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  15. The Universe

    Gravitational waves discovery heralds a new frontier in astrophysics and cosmology, scientists say

    The discovery of evidence of primordial gravitational waves will help us unlock the secrets to how the Universe was born, astrophysicists at the University of Sheffield say.

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