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  1. Professor Sir Keith Burnett

    University’s Vice-Chancellor forges international links in Brazil

    The University of Sheffield’s Vice-Chancellor Professor Sir Keith Burnett will this week (Monday 28 July to Friday 1 August 2014) join the presidents and principals of universities from 46 countries at an international conference in Brazil.

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  2. Munyaradzi Chawawa's Google Glass graduation video

    Graduating student becomes first in UK to capture the moment using Google Glass

    The emotional journey of graduation day has been captured by a student from the University of Sheffield, using revolutionary Google Glass technology.

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  3. Comment: What will MH17’s black boxes reveal?

    David Allerton, Emeritus Professor of Computer Systems Engineering at the University of Sheffield, discusses what information the black boxes of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 could reveal.

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  4. Comment: Don’t stop toddlers running around museums – it could help them learn

    Abigail Hacket, Research Associate for the Centre for the Study of Childhood and Youth at the University of Sheffield, discusses her research into the way children under three move around museums - and how zooming around is a good way for kids to learn.

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  5. Comment: Hollywood’s slew of biblical films is no return from Exodus

    Dr Katie Edwards, Director of the Sheffield Institute for Interdisciplinary Biblical Studies at the University of Sheffield, discusses why Bible epics are making a Hollywood comeback.

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  6. Dr Jim O'Neill

    World-renowned economist among University's honorary degree recipients

    One of the world’s most respected and influential economists, Dr Jim O'Neill, will receive an honorary degree from the University of Sheffield next week (Monday 21 July 2014 to Friday 25 July 2014).

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  7. Money

    Study examines impact of local authority budget cuts on election results

    Cuts to local authority budgets in England are disproportionately affecting councils in the North and those in the most deprived areas, according to a new report by the Sheffield Political Economy Research Institute (SPERI).

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  8. SITraN

    Gene therapy that could cure motor neurone disease (ALS) moves one step closer

    Researchers at the University of Sheffield have moved one step closer to a gene therapy that could silence the faulty SOD1 gene responsible for triggering a form of motor neurone disease also known as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).

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  9. Thumbnail

    Over 50 million children infected with tuberculosis

    A new study quantifying the global TB burden among children points to a huge undiagnosed reservoir of TB.

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  10. Rat navigating a box.

    Rats purposefully use their whiskers in different ways to help navigate in the dark

    The way rats use their whiskers is more similar to how humans use their hands and fingers than previously thought, new research from the University of Sheffield has found.

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  11. Galaxy.

    Supermassive black hole blows molecular gas out of a galaxy at 1 million kilometres per hour

    New research by academics at the University of Sheffield has solved a long-standing mystery surrounding the evolution of galaxies, deepening our understanding of the future of the Milky Way.

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  12. Sociable weavers sat on a tree branch

    Sociable weavers show everybody needs good neighbours

    A new insight into one of the biggest questions in science – why some animals, including humans, work together to maintain a common good – has been achieved by scientists at the University of Sheffield.

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  13. The Krebs Cycle

    University celebrates Tour de France and Nobel Prize winning scientist with giant hillside artwork

    A field in Sheffield on the route of this year’s British leg of the Tour de France has been marked with a giant image of a cycle to celebrate the work of a Nobel Prize winning academic from the University of Sheffield.

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  14. Postgraduate students at the University of Sheffield

    Postgraduate scholarship scheme massively over subscribed

    The largest postgraduate scholarship offer ever made in the UK has been massively over subscribed with five applicants for every place.

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