Agenda, minutes, reports, memo and fax Word templates

These templates are designed to make it easy to lay out standard documents ready for laser printing or emailing internally as attachments. They can be easily modified to meet your department's needs.

Where to install

Download the templates, open the zip folder and drag the template to your MS Office My Templates folder.

How to use the templates

  1. In Word, open a new document based on the template.
  2. Go to the View Menu, select Toolbars and click Forms. The Forms ruler is displayed.
  3. The padlock symbol is highlighted. Click on it to unlock the forms elements of the document. This allows you, in the View menu, to switch to Header and Footer.
  4. In the [Add Office here] field insert your department's name arranged in the same way as it appears in your letterheads and other printed stationery.
  5. Save this version as your own template, so that you don’t have to do steps 2 and three again.

How to customise the agenda and minutes templates

Different departments have different systems for numbering items and recording action points, so the main body of these templates is in the form of tables whose layout you can adjust to suit your own needs.

For example, if you use subsidiary item numbers (1.1, 1.2 etc) you can select the numbers column and in the Tables menu select Split Cells and set the number of columns to two. This gives you an extra numbering column for the subsidiary numbers.

If you want to adjust column widths, simply click on the border between the two columns and drag it to your preferred position.

Once you've made these changes and are happy with the result you can save the document as a template in your My Templates folder.

If your document runs on to a second page…

… you may want to avoid page 2 having a big top margin where the header appeared on page 1.

  1. Either click at the end of your first page
  2. Or in Minutes and Agenda documents using tables, select the first table row that runs over on to page two. In the Table menu select Split Table. Put your cursor between the two tables.
  3. Go to the Insert Menu and select Break > Section Break (Continuous).
  4. Go to the second page, and in the left hand ruler (View, Ruler to turn this on) drag the top margin boundary (the greyed area on the ruler scale) up to where you want it.

How to customise the report template

This template is set out in the style of a formal University report (for example, it has a wider than usual left margin to allow reports to be bound into minute books).

If required, it's easily simplified.

For less formal reports, before saving your own version of the template you may want to delete any rows in its tables that you won't ever use such as, for example, the Chair(man) row and Section A and Section B rows.


Templates for Microsoft Office 2007 or 2008

Use the templates in this list if you have the latest version of Microsoft Office installed (2007 for Windows, 2008 for Mac).

Agenda template (12KB)

Fax template (24KB)

Minutes template (20KB)

Memo template (20KB)

Report template (60KB)

Templates for older versions of Word

These templates should only be used if you do not have access to Microsoft Office 2007 (2008 on a Mac). If you do have Office 2007/8, please use the templates above.

Agenda template (12KB)

Fax template (12KB)

Minutes template (12KB)

Memo template (12KB)

Report template (70KB)