The Centre for Linguistic Research is a research forum for linguists in the School of English Literature, Language and Linguistics and the School of Languages and Cultures. It has a three-fold mission: to bring together linguistics researchers across the faculty; to encourage and support external bids for cross-linguistic and interdisciplinary research projects; and to develop joint initiatives for postgraduate research and training in linguistics in all of our constituent departments. We also aim to foster and develop links between the Centre and other research groups across the university with core interests in related areas of theoretical and applied linguistics.

We are engaged in a variety of data-driven research, including morphology, syntax, semantics and discourse-pragmatics, adult and child language as well as first and second language acquisition. Sociolinguistics and engagement with the communities we study. Intuition, observation and experimentation are part and parcel of our linguistic investigations. Yet the methods associated with these three processes - arm-chair, field and laboratory research - often appear to separate linguists into sub-disciplines as each method is developed and honed. While to some extent this is inevitable and necessary, we are interested in sharing methodological approaches to qualitative and quantitative analysis. Most of us carry out corpus-based studies and end up using a range of research tools.

We organise activity-based meetings: hands-on demonstration sessions, general "master classes", needs-based consultations, discussions of methodological principles, project preparations and more. This involves pooling local resources, arranging outings to sample specialist equipment and inviting expert contributions.

"linguistics" in various languages

We invite all researchers with interests in any areas of linguistics, (staff and students across the university) to become involved with the Centre and to participate in our projects and activities.