Photo of Alexandra Bohm, PGR Student

Alexandra Bohm

Area of Research: International Peace and Security Law in the English School of International Relations: pluralism and solidarism reconsidered
Supervisor(s): Dr Garrett Wallace Brown/ Dr Richard Collins


Alexandra practised as a solicitor for five years before moving to Sheffield to study the MA in Global Politics and Law offered jointly by the departments of politics and law in Sheffield in 2007-2008. During the MA, Alexandra developed her interest in the political context of international law, in particular in relation to war, peacekeeping and post-conflict reconstruction.

Alexandra's PhD research critically examines the concepts of pluralism and solidarism within the English School of international relations, using the international legal framework governing peace and security to do so.


Doing Law Beyond the State: Research Methodologies in Comparative, EU and Public and Private International Law 

I am involved in organising the scoping workshop which is the first phase of this new project, having been involved in the research output from our previous methodologies project (see Publications below).


I was a research assistant for two years on this EU 7th framework project, in collaboration with seven European universities, assessing the impact of the increasing use of private military companies and security companies on situations of armed conflict. See Conference Presentations and Publications below.


‘The Relationship between Security and Justice in the Responsibility to Protect’ Global Policy Journal (in review process).

'The United Kingdom: National Self-Regulation and International Norms' (with K Senior and A White) in C Bakker and M Sossai (eds), Multilevel Regulation of Military and Security Outsourcing: the interplay between international norms, European law and domestic legislation (2012)

Research Methodologies in EU and International Law (with R Cryer, T Hervey and B Sokhi-Bulley) (2011)

‘Case Note: R v Jones and ors, Appeal judgment [2006] UKHL 16’ Oxford Reports on International Law in Domestic Courts 380 (UK 2006)

'The Regulatory Context of Private Military and Security Services in the UK: Privwar Report' with Kerry Senior, Nigel White and Adam White

Selected Conference Presentations

‘What can the EU Learn from the UK Government’s ‘Robust’ Regulation of PMSCs?’ The EU and the Security-Business Nexus: Workshop, Brussels, May 2012 (with S MacLeod).

‘Cosmopolitanism as Critical Theory?’ Post-graduate Law Conference, University of Sheffield, May 2012.

 ‘The Relationship Between Security and Justice in the Responsibility to Protect’ International Law Association British Branch Annual Conference, University of Nottingham, April 2012.

 ‘The Responsibility to Protect as a Human Rights Milestone’ International Graduate Legal Research Conference, Kings College London, April 2012.

'Peacekeeping and the English School of International Relations' International Law Association British Branch Conference PhD Workshop, Sheffield, August 2011

'In Defence of Inter-disciplinarity: International Relations and International Law' Sheffield University Law School Post-graduate Conference, May 2011.

'Models of Public Accountability for Private Military and Security Contractors: The March Towards a Non-Statutory Regime in the UK' (with Sorcha MacLeod) Priv-war Conference at Freie Universitat Berlin, May 2010.

'Review of national reports on Private Military and Security Company regulation from 10 participating countries – "access to justice", Priv-war Conference at Sheffield University, May 2009

'UK regulatory context of Private Military and Security Companies', Priv-war Conference at EUI, Florence, March 2009


  • Politics of International Law (MA)
  • Contract Law
  • Introduction to Legal Processes
  • Principles of International Law
  • International Legal Theory and Practice (Natural Law and Critical Legal Studies)
  • Torts Law