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Sheffield King James Project. Interpreting the Vernacular Legacy.

2011 marks the 400th Anniversary of the King James Bible. Also known as the Authorized Version, this was the first English Bible to be commissioned for use in churches throughout England. Its publication shaped our language, history and culture.

Based at the Department of Biblical Studies, the Sheffield King James Project offers a network of resources and opportunities both to mark this special anniversary, and to reflect on the relevance of the bible in the modern world.

Cathedrals Exhibition

Exhibition Exhibition resources developed by the department of Biblical Studies in association with Sheffield Cathedral. View Telling Tales in churches and cathedrals across the country.

Exhibition Package

Learning resourcesLearn more and produce your own exhibition with the Telling Tales DVD-Rom.
A selection of sample materials may be downloaded free from this web site.


Biblical Literacy and the Curriculum Biblical Literacy and the Curriculum, 25th-28th May 2011. Educators, lecturers and researchers met to discuss the place of the Bible in the classroom.
Conference papers will be published by Equinox.

Learning materials

Education materials The Telling Tales package is complemented by resources for all ages. Whether you're a classroom teacher or a church leader, we hope you will find ideas and inspiration.

Home to the UK's only dedicated Department of Biblical Studies, the University of Sheffield is well placed to examine, evaluate and exhibit the origins and impact of the King James Bible.