About the University

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We are one of the UK's leading universities, with an international reputation for excellence. Official teaching quality assessments rate us very highly, and excellent research assessment results confirm our reputation as a centre for a wide variety of world-class research. Newsweek magazine ranks us 9th in the UK and 18th in Europe in its global top 100 universities and UK University guides.

We have over 24,000 students and around 7,000 staff. The University is a popular choice with applicants for university places, and once they arrive our students enjoy the experience so much that many settle in Sheffield after they graduate.

The University, like Sheffield itself, has earned a reputation as an informal, friendly and welcoming place to be, for people from all sorts of backgrounds and walks of life. Our staff and students represent 131 different countries. We value the diversity of our University community, and aim to work together so we can make the most of our differences.

For more information about the University visit: www.sheffield.ac.uk/about

Mission, Vision and Identity

This University of Sheffield's mission, vision and identity frames our approach to strategic planning. Although our guiding principles need to be applied to changing situations and conditions, and to chart new ways of working, we see them as enduring over time. They stand as the touchstone of the kind of university we aspire to be, guiding the choices we all make in our daily work.

The Sheffield Academic

Academic staff are at the core of any university. But what do academics actually do? We believe this unique role cannot be simply detailed in terms of hours spent on research or with students. The concept of the Sheffield Academic was developed to lay out the mix of qualities and responsibilities that distinguishes the University of Sheffield Academic. We hope this will help people understand better both the work of universities in general, and also the particular nature of the University of Sheffield, where world leading research and excellent teaching are inextricably linked.

Facts and Figures

The University grew out of the Sheffield Medical School (founded in 1828), Firth College (1879) and the Sheffield Technical School (1884). These three institutions came together in 1897 to form the University College of Sheffield, which in turn became the University of Sheffield in 1905. Take a look at further facts and figures to discover more about the University as an institution, faculty information and departmental profiles.

Annual Report

The latest information on our students, our rankings and the University financial statements.

The Vice Chancellor and the University Executive Board


The University Executive Board: five faculty Pro-Vice-Chancellors, three cross-cutting Pro-Vice-Chancellors, University Registrar, Chief Financial Officer and Director of Human Resources.