Knowledge and Information Management Research Group


The Knowledge and Information Management Research Group focuses on the management of knowledge and information practices and processes, mainly in collaborative and dynamic work settings, in a variety of organisational and inter-organisational contexts.

The group has a strong interdisciplinary nature and draws on theoretical perspectives from organisational and sociological theory, strategic management, information science, information systems and information technology.

Key research areas

  • Strategic approaches including knowledge and information management strategies, absorptive capacity and innovation, and intellectual capital valuation;
  • Behaviour and social practice approaches including social networks and knowledge communities, boundary spanning practices and knowledge sharing, knowledge and information process management; information failure
  • Systems approaches including KM systems and collaborative systems, virtual interaction and knowledge organisation


The research carried out by the group, in which the adoption of user-driven approaches and methodologies is key, has led to the development and evaluation of knowledge management frameworks and systems that have impacted directly on companies in a variety of business contexts (IT, creative and cultural industries, construction, transport and logistics, food sectors at the international level).