Information Retrieval Research Group


Academic Staff

Paul Clough Professor Paul Clough
Head of Group
Tel: 0114 2222664
Room 226
I research the development of effective retrieval technologies that support users as they seek to fulfil their information needs. Specifically I have carried out research in the areas of multilingual search, retrieval of images, geo-spatial search, analysis of transaction logs, text re-use and plagiarism detection, and the evaluation of search systems.
Paula Goodale

Paula Goodale
Tel: 0114 2222863
Room 307

My main research interest is in the needs and seeking behaviours of users in digital environments, including digital libraries, cultural heritage collections, and other information spaces. I am also interested in how people use and curate the information they find.
Gianluca Demartini Dr Gianluca Demartini
Tel: 0114 2222637
Room 306
My research on Big Data Analytics focuses on making sense of large-scale textual collections by looking at the entity dimension (e.g., persons, locations, organisations) as a way to access and summarise information.

My other area of research is human computation and crowdsourcing: I build hybrid human-machine systems that leverage the scalability of computers over large amounts of data and selectively use crowdsourcing to improve system effectiveness and the quality of the output.
Peter Holdridge Peter Holdridge
Tel: 0114 2222698
Room 227
I focus on Educational Informatics and e-Learning - including the creation/application of learning technologies. I am interested in accounting for cognitive style in networked learning systems.

PhD Students

Woman Munirah Abdulhadi
Room 318
I am working towards enriching metadata descriptions with tags in a bilingual academic library context
Man Faisal Alvi
Room 318
I am researching plagiarism detection
Woman Monica Lestari Paramita
I am researching methods to build comparable corpora
Sophie Rutter Sophie Rutter
Room 318
I research how primary-age children are using the Internet in school. I am interested in how children search for information, and how the school environment shapes both search tasks and search processes.
Man Fei Xie
Room 318
I am researching building an intelligent multimedia meta-search engine
Woman Mengdie Zhuang
Room 318
My research focuses on potential methods to model people’s search behaviour when they search for information, and how to simulate in the form of a full process.