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Tuition fees 2012-2013

Overseas Student Fee Levels

You will probably be aware of the UK government's recent proposals to increase the fee levels that UK/EU undergraduate students pay for their education. The government is proposing that from 2012, UK/EU students will pay £6000-£9000 per year for their degrees, up from around £3000 currently.

We understand that some of you are worried about what will now happen to international tuition fees. In particular, we have heard concerns that overseas fees will also double or triple as a result.

We would like to reassure you that this is not the case.

UK/EU students are being asked to pay more because the government is reducing the amount of funding it gives to universities to support the teaching of UK/EU students. This means that UK /EU students will in future (once they have graduated) need to make a much greater contribution to the cost of their degree.

Overseas student fees will not be affected in the same way. We anticipate that the University will therefore continue with the current system of setting overseas fees on an annual basis, with fees increasing by modest increments each year. This will be the case both for current students on courses that last for more than one year, and for international students who start their course in 2011, 2012 or later.

Undergraduate Students 2012-2013

Tuition fees paid by overseas students for undergraduate programmes are in four main bands, depending on the type of course.

The main bands are listed below but students should note that there are some exceptions to the broad fee bands. All fees quoted are in UK pounds sterling.

To view tuition fees for 2012-2013 please visit the following link:

Tuition fees for undergraduate programmes 2012-2013

Subject Area  
Arts, Economics, Finance, Law, Management, Social Science, Town & Regional Planning £12,160 per year
Archaeology and Prehistory, Architecture, East Asian Studies, Geography, Information Studies, Journalism, Landscape, Maths £13,990 per year
Science, Engineering, Non-clinical Medicine & Dentistry £15,850 per year
Clinical years of Medicine (last 3 years) & Dentistry (last 4 years) £28,650 per year

Postgraduate Students 2012-2013

To view tuition fees for 2012-2013 please use the following links.

Tuition fees for postgraduate taught programmes 2012-2013

Tuition fees for postgraduate research programmes 2012-2013

Fee status

Students are charged different fees depending on whether they are classed as home or overseas for fee purposes. The main criterion for home status is; ordinary residence within the UK for three years prior to the start of the course providing that residence is not for the main purpose of receiving full-time education and; that by 1 September of the year of entry the applicant is "settled" in the UK.

In most cases status for fee purposes will be clear, but if there is any doubt it is essential that you should refer to the Admissions Officer for a ruling. In particular, commitments on the level of tuition fees to be charged should not be made without prior consultation with the Admissions Service.

Details of how we define 'overseas' and 'home' students for the purpose of charging tuition fees:

Verification of an applicant's fee status