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Dr Peter Peachell BSc PhD

Senior Lecturer in Pharmacology

Academic Unit of Respiratory Medicine
Department of Infection and Immunity
L Floor
The University of Sheffield Medical School
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Sheffield S10 2RX

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Before coming to the University of Sheffield, I obtained a First Class Honours degree in Chemistry (University College London), a PhD in Biological Chemistry (University College London) and a post-doctoral fellowship in Clinical Immunology (Johns Hopkins Medical School). I joined the University of Sheffield in 1992 as a Lecturer in Pharmacology and have been a Senior Lecturer since 2003, and over this period I have developed a strong research interest linked to the study of allergic mechanisms largely in the context of asthma. In particular, research in the laboratory has been focused on the pharmacological regulation of human lung mast cells. Research in the laboratory is funded by industrial sponsors (Pfizer, Novartis) and charitable trusts (Asthma UK).

Research Interests

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Key Publications (recent)

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