Dr Lisa Parker BSc MRes PhD

Lecturer in Inflammation Biology

Academic Unit of Respiratory Medicine
Department of Infection and Immunity
L Floor
The University of Sheffield Medical School
Beech Hill Road
S10 2RX

Tel: +44 (0)114 271 3452
Fax: +44 (0)114 226 8898
Email: l.c.parker@sheffield.ac.uk
Secretary - Mrs Jenny Earl
Tel: +44 (0)114 226 1458
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I joined the University of Manchester in 1993 and obtained a BSc (First Class Honours) degree (1996) and MRes (1997) within the Department of Neuroscience. I then completed an MRC funded PhD(2000), investigating `Interleukin-1 and its receptors in the brain´, under the supervision of Professor Dame Nancy Rothwell.

I moved to the University of Sheffield in 2001 where, maintaining my interest in inflammatory mechanisms in disease, I obtained a post-doctoral position (funded by the ARC) working with Professor Ian Sabroe in the Department of Infection and Immunity. My research interests now focussed on Toll-like receptors (TLRs), which show many common features with IL-1 receptors, and their role in inflammation in the lung. I remained in Sheffield taking up a second post-doctoral position (MRC-funded) to continue my research into airway inflammation.

I am currently a Lecturer in Inflammation Biology within the Department of Infection and Immunity (2010-present).

Research Interests

Airway inflammation in response to pathogens
Bacterial and viral pathogens are a major trigger of acute exacerbations in asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Pathogens are detected by Toll-Like receptors (TLRs), a family of receptors that regulate cell activation, however the mechanisms through which pathogens initiate airway exacerbations remain inadequately defined. My current research aims to identify how leukocytes influence the ability of pathogens to infect and trigger proinflammatory responses in airway epithelial cells. A more complete understanding of the host innate immune responses and complex signalling pathways that are triggered in the course of chronic inflammation, and during single or multiple infections, will lead to the elucidation of novel therapeutic targets and approaches to manage airway inflammation.

Professional Activities

  • Member of the Society for Leukocyte Biology.
  • Science and Engineering Ambassador (STEMNET programme)

Current Projects

  • 2014-2017 Asthma UK PhD studentship "Investigating the role of tenascin-C in rhinovirus-induced acute exacerbations of asthma".  Lead applicant, co-applicants Dr Kim Midwood (Oxford University), Dr Michael Edwards (Imperial College London), Prof Ian Sabroe.
  • 2014-2017 University of Sheffield PhD studentship "Phosphatases and respiratory viral infection".  Lead applicant, co-applicant Prof Ian Sabroe.
  • 2014-2017 Medical Research Council Project Grant "The role of pellino proteins in viral inflammation".  Name collaborator, lead applicants Prof Ian Sabroe,  Prof David Dockrell.
  • 2013-2016 Medical Research Council New Investigator Research Grant "Probing the sequence of cellular activation by rhinoviral infection in the airway and identifying how this may be dysregulated in COPD".  Lead applicant.
  • 2010-2014 BBSRC Industrial CASE PhD studentship in collaboration with GSK "The TLR-mediated interrelationship of Interleukin-1 and Interferon Signalling during chronic airway inflammation".  Lead applicant, co-applicants Prof Ian Sabroe, Dr Karen Simpson, Dr Stuart Farrow.
  • 2010-2014 Wellcome Trust project grant "Inhibiting TLR signalling by disruption of membrane microdomains".  Co-applicant, lead applicant Prof Ian Sabroe, co-applicants Prof David Dockrell, Prof John Harwood (University of Cardiff).

Key Publications

  1. Rhinoviral infection and asthma: the detection and management of rhinoviruses by airway epithelial cells (2014) Parker LC, Stokes CA, Sabroe I.  Clinical and Experimental Allergy 44:20-8.
  2. Muckle-Wells syndrome without mutation in exon 3 of the NLRP3 gene, identified by evidence of excessive monocyte production of functional interleukin 1β and rapid response to anakinra 2013 Sabroe RA, Stokes CA, Parker LC, Higgins K, Prince LR, Sabroe I.  Clinical and Experimental Dermatology 38:874-7.
  3. The role of interleukin-1 and interleukin-18 in pro-inflammatory and anti-viral responses to rhinovirus in primary bronchial epithelial cells (2013) Piper SC, Ferguson J, Kay L, Parker LC, Sabroe I, Sleeman MA, Briend E, Finch DK.  PLoS One 8(5):e63365.
  4. Diesel exhaust particle exposure in vitro alters monocyte differentiation and function (2012)  Chaudhuri N, Jary H, Lea S, Khan N, Piddock KC, Dockrell DH, Donaldson K, Duffin R, Singh D, Parker LC, Sabroe I.  PLoS One 7(12):e51107.
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