The University's UOffers package has now greatly expanded, and includes offers and ‎discounts at hundreds of suppliers including Sainsbury's, Asda, Argos and B&Q. As ‎well as enabling you to make savings on everyday items, you can also save on bigger ‎purchases such as electrical goods and travel.

The secure UOffers website is available from the link on the right. This is only ‎available to University of Sheffield and University of Sheffield Students' Union ‎staff, and will require you to enter your username and password when ‎prompted. Your username and password are as follows:‎

  • Username – Employee number preceded by SU, removing any zeroes from the start of the number. E.g. if your employee number was 000123456, your login would be SU123456.
  • Password – Your month and year of birth, in the format MMYY

Your employee number can be found on myJob or on your payslip. ‎

You will be prompted to change your password following your initial login.‎

If you have any queries, please contact us on 0114 22 21490 or at ‎rewardandbenefits@sheffield.ac.uk.‎

If you know of any business or supplier who wishes to be included in the ‎UOffers scheme, or if you would like to discuss the scheme, please contact the ‎Reward & Benefits team on extension 21490.‎


The UOffers site is administered by the University's partner, Edenred. In order ‎to make this service available, the University has provided Edenred with your ‎name, employee number and date of birth (MMYY), which are used solely for ‎the purposes of enabling you to login to the site. If you do not wish your details ‎to be used in this way, please inform Reward & Benefits at the above email ‎address, and your access to the UOffers site will be removed.‎

Our partners Edenred will from time to time send email correspondence to all staff, alerting them to the UOffers benefits available to them. To unsubscribe from this simply click the 'Unsubscribe' link in any such correspondence.

The University of Sheffield is not endorsing or recommending the products, ‎services or businesses mentioned in these web pages, and uptake is entirely at ‎the discretion of members of staff.‎

You are advised to exercise as much care and diligence relating to the ‎purchase of any goods and services as a result of details listed on the UOffers ‎web pages as you would when purchasing any other product or service. If you ‎have a dispute with any business mentioned on these web pages, you are ‎advised to contact Edenred in the first instance.‎

Please note that details relating to suppliers and discounts offered are subject ‎to change and you are advised to check these web pages regularly. You are ‎strongly advised to check the validity of the offer details directly with the ‎supplier prior to your purchase or order. ‎


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