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Our Position on Casual Working

Andrew Dodman, Chief HR & Corporate Officer at the University of Sheffield, said:

“We know from what our staff tell us, we're already seen as an excellent place to work and provide a very attractive total reward and benefits package for all our staff, including those on fixed term contracts. We also ensure those who work with us on a more flexible/casual basis are afforded the same rates of pay as those employed directly by the University.

"As part of our ongoing support to staff, we’re working proactively with the University & College Union (UCU) and our other local trade unions to identify means of reviewing the employment status of all those who work on a casual basis to ensure our relationship suits the individual and supports the needs of the University and our students.

“We pride ourselves in being an excellent employer and will continue to review and apply fairness to all our staff - be they on open ended, fixed term contracts or engaged on a casual basis - in order to build on our reputation as one of the best employers in the sector."

Andrew Dodman
Chief HR & Corporate Officer
The University of Sheffield

For further information please see Our position on casual working

Athena SWAN Awards

Athena Swan Logo

Congratulations to our Athena SWAN Award Winners

Five of our departments have received or renewed their prestigious Athena SWAN awards, celebrating an ongoing commitment to promoting gender equality. Congratulations to:

Computer Science – silver award
Medical School – silver award (renewal)
Nuclear AMRC - bronze award
Civil and Structural Engineering – bronze award (renewal)
Electronic and Electrical Engineering - bronze award (renewal)

To find out more about Athena SWAN and related activity across the University see our Staff pages.

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