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Professor Bill Wells, MA (Oxon), DPhil (York), Dip RSA, Hon FRCSLT.

Bill Wells

Department of Human Communication Sciences
University of Sheffield
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United Kingdom

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Research Interests

Typical and atypical speech development in children:

Phonetics of talk-in-interaction:

Current and recent projects

Current PhD Students

Baharak Baranian        Speech assessment of Farsi-speaking children with cleft palate
Joy Newbold                Measurement of children’s speech development
Eleftheria Geronikou    Phonological and morphological development in Greek children
Inigo Casanueva         Interaction with PALS (Personal Adaptive Listening Systems)
Nisreen Al-Awaji          Speech assessment of Saudi Arabic speaking children with cleft palate
Pam Williams               Diadochokinetic profiles of children with speech difficulties

Recent publications

Anstey, J & B. Wells (2013) The uses of overlap: carer-child interaction involving a nine year old boy with auditory neuropathy. Clinical Linguistics and Phonetics. 27(10–11): 746–769

Newbold, E.J., Stackhouse, J & Wells, B.(2013) Tracking change in children with speech
difficulties. Clinical Linguistics & Phonetics, 27(6-7), 521-539

Kurtić, E, Brown, G & Wells, B. (2013) Resources for turn-competition in overlapping talk. Speech Communication 55 (5), 721-743

Gorisch, J, Wells, B & Brown G. (2012) Pitch contour matching and interactional alignment: An acoustic investigation. Language and Speech 55, 57-76

Tempest, A & Wells, B (2012). Alliances and arguments: A case study of a child with persisting speech difficulties in peer play. Child Language Teaching and Therapy. 28 , 57-72