University Committees

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Committee Memberships for the 2015-2016 session can be downloaded as PDF files from the links below.

A diagram showing the structure of the University's central committees can be downloaded from the link on the right of this page.




Audit Committee

- Audit Committee pages

Appeals Committee of the Senate relating to the Progress of Students

Development Sub-Group

Board of the Advanced Manufacturing Institute

Careers Advisory Board

Estates and Capital Sub-Group

Council Nominations Committee

Discipline Committee

 - Learning Infrastructure & Space Management Group

Equality and Diversity Board

- Gender Equality Committee

Learning & Teaching Committee

Health and Safety Management Group

Estates Committee

- Admissions and Outreach Sub-Committee

Public Value Sub-Group

Finance Committee

- Quality and Scrutiny Sub-Committee

Risk Review Group

- Investment Group

Student Numbers and Fees Sub-Group

Health and Safety Committee

Military Education Committee

- Biosafety Committee

Research and Innovation Committee

- Research and Innovation pages

- Radiation Working Group

- Doctoral and Researcher Development Committee

- Doctoral Researcher Strategy Group

Human Resources Committee

- Health & Human Interventional Study Sub-Committee

Readerships and Personal Chairs Committee

Research Ethics Committee

- Research Ethics pages

Senior Remuneration Committee

Senate Budget Committee

- Senate Budget Committee pages

Senate Nominations Committee

Joint Committee of Council and Senate

Other Committees

Honorary Degrees Committee

- Honorary Degrees pages

Alumni Board

Sport Sheffield Board