Women in Engineering

Our Women in Engineering initiative aims to redress the gender imbalance of the discipline. Women are currently underrepresented in engineering – a fact that leads to a loss of talent and innovation in the discipline. Perceptions of engineering can act as a barrier to women entering the field of engineering.

Raising the profile of talented female engineers and widening the general understanding of engineering are key targets of the programme. We're also making innovative changes to our working culture to ensure we have an environment where both women and men thrive through academic and personal achievement.

The world needs more female engineers.

National Women in Engineering Day: Battle of the Engineers

Engineering is a broad and varied subject with lots of different disciplines - but which one is the best? Our Engineering Battlers fight it out to prove their subject is top dog.

Athena SWAN news

The Departments of Computer Science, Electronic and Electrical Engineering, Materials Science Engineering and  Civil and Structural Engineering within the Faculty of Engineering have all been given an Athena SWAN bronze award which recognises a solid foundation for eliminating gender bias and developing an inclusive culture that values all staff. The Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering has been awarded silver and the University as a whole has once again been awarded an Athena SWAN bronze award.  

Athena SWAN

Sheffield's Wall of Women

Engineering is a fantastic career choice for men and women, unfortunately women are woefully underrepresented. We want to show the huge diversity of the engineering discipline; to break preconceived notions of what engineering is and to showcase our excellent Women in Engineering at The University of Sheffield.

Forget what you think you know about engineering and find out why engineering is a great choice for women from our own female engineers; past, present and future.

Visit our Wall of Women

Our activities include: 

  • Working to achieve Athena SWAN accreditation for gender diversity in all engineering departments

Contact us:

For more information about the Women in Engineering Initiative - louise.hall@sheffield.ac.uk

Women in Engineering Student Society (undergraduate and postgraduate) - info@womeninengineering.org.uk

Faculty Athena SWAN activity - catriona.watson@sheffield.ac.uk

The initiative is being steered by Director of Women in Engineering is Dr Rachael Elder and is supported by Professor Mike Hounslow, Pro-Vice Chancellor for Engineering.