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Jolian graduated from the University of Sheffield with a BA Economics degree in 1992 and gained his MSc in Economics at the University of Warwick in 1993. He studied for his PhD at the University of Sheffield and was appointed to a lectureship at the University of Hull in 1997.

In 2004 Jolian was appointed as a lecturer at the Sheffield University and promoted to senior lecturer in 2009. Jolian has been an associate scholar of the Rimini Centre of Economic Analysis (University of Bologna, Italy) since 2007.


"I currently teach mathematical economics at levels 2, 3 and MSc. This subject is all about developing a deeper understanding of, and an ability to analyse, economic problems using mathematical techniques. As we advance our mathematical toolkit, it makes accessible a wider range of economic problems we can address. Whilst practice is a valuable approach to mastering some of the mathematical techniques, we are generally interested in developing an understanding of each economic application in as general a setting as possible. Thus our work is oriented towards deriving proofs (mostly from first principles) for our economic models. Ultimately we are interested in students having ownership of the techniques and intuitive understanding of the applications. Under these circumstances students can show that their answers and workings are mathematically robust and economically sensible. Consequently, answers and complete proofs are not provided. Being able to check your own answers for logic and sense is an essential part of being a mathematical economist - teaching and support on the module (including online forums, lecture/workshops, groupwork) are designed to help build these skills."

Research Summary and PhD Student Supervision

JolianĀ“s research interests lie primarily in the area of theoretical economics. He is currently working on oligopoly theory especially with applications in networks, corruption, regulation, uncertainty and welfare. He is also interested in international and regional migration and has written a number of papers in this area. He is interested in supervising doctoral work in network theory, regulation and welfare loss due to the exercise of monopoly power.

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