Previous events

9th Biennial ALCS Conference

In April 2012, we welcomed 38 speakers from six different countries and twenty different institutions in addition to our three keynote speakers prof. Geert Buelens, prof. Wim VandenBussche and prof. Herman Pleij. What was particularly encouraging, apart from our keen undergraduate students, was the high number of postgraduate delegates taking part: seventeen from four different countries (UK, Ireland, Belgium and the Netherlands). Since it is the explicit aim of the ALCS to nurture young researchers from within and outside of the UK and Ireland, it was encouraging to see them meet and build personal and professional relationships.

Britain & the Low Countries, 17th conference. The Historical Imagination in the 19th Century

The 17th conference on Britain and the Low Countries was held in Sheffield on 2-5 September 2009. It was organised by Bob Moore and Roel Vismans (Sheffield), Hugh Dunthorne (Swansea) and Michael Wintle (Amsterdam), and it was sponsored by the Association for Low Countries Studies, the Flemish Representation in the UK, the Netherlands Embassy in London and the Study Platform on Interlocking Nationalisms.

The nineteenth century in Europe not only laid the foundations of history as a professional discipline but also popularized and romanticized the subject, often as a by-product of the process of nation-building. National histories were written and state museums founded at the same time as collective memories were created in fiction and drama, art and architecture and through the growth of tourism. By comparing late Georgian and Victorian Britain’s view of its past with the views of the more recently established Dutch and Belgian states, this conference aimed to throw fresh light on an important theme in nineteenth-century cultural history and to enable scholars from both sides of the North Sea to become more familiar with one another’s work.

The conference marked the fiftieth anniversary of the first Britain-Low Countries conference in 1959. Click here for an overview of these conferences.

Workshop: Corpus of Spoken Dutch

A 1-day practical workshop held at the University of Nottingham on 22 January 2009. The workshop was held to provide training in using the Corpus Gesproken Nederlands (CGN) to linguists in the UK working on Dutch.

Conference: A Germanic Sandwich

van haeringen 1956A Germanic Sandwich: Dutch between English and German, a comparative linguistic conference held at the University of Sheffield on 12-13 September 2008, was the second in a series of conferences in which Dutch is compared with its closest Germanic neighbours. The first one was held in Berlin in the autumn of 2005. That workshop commemorated the 50th anniversary of the appearance in 1956 of 'Nederlands tussen Duits en Engels', a study by the renowned Dutch linguist C.B. van Haeringen. In 2006 its papers were published under the same title. The Sheffield conference was hosted by the Centre for Dutch Studies and the Centre for Linguistics. Its organisers were Roel Vismans (Sheffield), Matthias Hüning (Berlin) and Fred Weerman (Amsterdam). The conference languages were Dutch, English and German. It was sponsored by the Association for Low Countries Studies. The third conference in the series took place in Oldenburg in September 2010 and the fourth will take place in Leuven in January 2013. See links on the right-hand side.


Roel Vismans, Matthias Hüning & Fred Weerman (eds.). 2010. Special Issue: Dutch between English and German. Journal of Germanic Linguistics 22.4