Computer Love


Computer Love is a unique exhibition that explores our love affair with computers. It takes the form of a virtual gallery space that showcases the work of computer artists and recent research from the University of Sheffield's Department of Computer Science. The exhibition formed a part of the University's Festival of the Mind which ran from 20th-30th September 2012.

How to download Computer Love

Click on one of the boxes below to download Computer Love for Windows or Mac. Please note that the download is 120MB in size and our servers are very busy at the moment, so please be patient!

Windows: You will need to uncompress the downloaded .zip file. Right-click on the file and choose "extract/unzip", then double click on "Computer Love.exe" to enter the gallery.

Mac: The downloaded .zip file will be uncompressed automatically, so just double-click on "Computer" to enter the gallery. 

Linux: Uncompress the downloaded .zip file, then double click on the Compute Love application. We have tested the application on Ubuntu; if you have any difficulty running it on other Linux versions, please let us know.

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Floor plan

Room 01

computer love 1

Nick Bax, Shaun Bloodworth, Guy Brown and Steve Maddock

Shrine created by Nick Bax, with help from Guy Brown and Steve Maddock. Photographed by Shaun Bloodworth. With thanks to Mick Humble and the Millennium Gallery, Sheffield

Room 02

comp love 3

Nick Bax

Paintings, Windows, Death Box
Matt Brown

A Fanfare of Crashes, A Parade of Errors, A Procession of Restarts, AIDS 2
Matt Brown

Window 1, Window 2
Matt Brown

Death Box
Matt Brown

Joe Gilmore

Matt Brown studied Fine Art Printmaking at Brighton University before gaining an MA in Fine Art Printmaking at the Royal College of Art. He is currently assisting Gavin Turk, alongside developing his own practice.

Joe Gilmore is a multidisciplinary artist and designer based in Leeds. His studio, Qubik, specialises in typographic-led design for branding, print and digital media.

Qubik web site

Room 03

room 3

Mark Fell

Mark is a multidisciplinary artist based in Sheffield, working with computer-based systems, sound, music and light.

Mark Fell's web site

Room 04

comp love 4

Richard Clayton

A simulation of the onset of a deadly arrhythmia in the heart. Richard Clayton is head of the Computational Systems Biology research group. His research focuses on computer modelling of the heard, with a particular interest in cardia arrhythmia.

Richard Clayton's web site

Computational Systems Biology group

Room 05

comp love 5

Mike Meredith

Mike's research interests bring together computer science and arts and humanities disciplines in such complementary fields as image analysis, 3D computer graphics and augmented reality.

Ola Nordmann project

Mike Meredith's web site 

Room 06

comp love 6

Robin Hofe and Guy Brown

Animatronic talking head by Robin Hofe, ambrotypes by Guy Brown. Robin Hofe is a research fellow in the Department of Computer Science, specialising in robotics and speech technology.

Robin Hofe's web site

Guy Brown's photography web site

Room 07

comp love 7

This Was Your Future
Jamie Salmon

A selection of arcade game boot screens, glitching in the MAME environment.
Curated by The Curious Machine.

From clockwise: 
Ghosts n Goblins, Capcom, 1985
Parodius, Konami, 1990
Blade Master, Irem, 1991
Bomber Man, Hudson Soft, 1991

Jamie is a Sheffield-based artist who explores the relationship between the virtual and the physical through a melding of science and art, generative and composed music, video and glitch art.

Room 08

comp love 8

James Marshall, Patrick Hogan and Thomas Schlegel

James Marshall trained as a computer scientist before developing an interest in biology, particularly in modelling animal behaviour and its evolution. His lab works on understanding the behaviour of individual animals and groups of animals, using mathematical and computational models. These models in turn are suggesting how robot behaviour could be engineered according to biological principles.

James Marshall's web page

Behavioural and Evolutionary Theory Lab

The exhibit includes contributions from Patrick Hogan (University of Sheffield) and Thomas Schlegel (University of Bristol)

Patrick Hogan's web site

Thomas Schlegel's web site

Room 09

comp love 9

Logo Turtle
Paul Beech and Jon Williamson

Raspi Vector
Paul Beech and Jon Williamson

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Paul Beech and Jon Williamson

Paul Beech is a designer, hacker and maker. As well as researching and developing award-winning work in interactive DVD, he also designed with Raspberry Pi logo. He lives in Sheffield with a Macbook Air and a Quadcopter.

Jon Williamson is the co-founder and technical lead of Netcopy, which pushes content and archive technology forward in terms of features, performance and quality.

Netcopy web site

Room 10

comp love 10

Dominic Rout and Cong Ye

A world map showing the geographical distribution of twitter messages that include the hashtag #love, recorded over a 7-day period.

Dominic Rout is a PhD student with interests in the application of artificial intelligence techniques to social networking.

Dominic Rout's web page

Cong Ye is also a PhD student in the Computer Graphics and Virtual Reality research group. His research aims to develop a semi-automatic approach to label 3D human movement in theatre performance.

Cong Ye's web page

Room 11

comp love 11

Guy Brown, Steve Maddock and Cong Ye

Body scan made using the Microsoft Kinect sensor.

Room 12

room 12

Matthew D. Kenyon

Matt studied Graphic Design at Batley School of Art and Design, before graduating from Huddersfield University with a degree in Creative Imaging/Advertising. He has worked for a number of agencies across the UK, creating graphic design, new media and brand identities for global organisations.

Room 13

comp love 12

namuH Neon

Reworked from the exhibition ‘namuH’, Calm&Punk Gallery, Tokyo, 2010

Humanstudio web site

Room 14

room 14

Computer Graveyards
01 (Colchester)
02 (Sheffield)
03 (Sheffield)
Nick Bax

About Computer Love

Computer Love is a collaboration between the Department of Computer Science at the University of Sheffield and Humanstudio

Nick Bax was a designer in the music industry before joining The Designers Republic (TDR). In 2007, he founded Humanstudio (aka Human), a multi-disciplinary design practice. With TDR and Human, Nick has exhibited in Barcelona, London, New York, Paris and Tokyo.

Nick Bax's profile on Wikipedia

Guy Brown is a Professor in the Department of Computer Science. His main research interest is computational hearing, a field that aims to build computer models of the human ear in order to improve speech recognition systems. Guy is also interested in music technology, mobile computing and computer graphics. And he’s a pretty good photographer.

Guy Brown's web site

Steve Maddock is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Computer Science. His research interests include computer facial modelling and human figure animation. Steve’s love of computer games technology was inspired by an industrial secondment with Gremlin Interactive in the 90s. He remembers the BBC Micro, fondly.

Steve Maddock's web site

Our thanks to Dan Fleetwood (Humanstudio) and Cong Ye (Department of Computer Science) for technical wizardry.

Computer Love was built using the Unity game engine and Cinema 4D.