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Where can I get Turnitin Training?

Welcome to the Turnitin training section of the site. The Learning Technologies Team currently offer both face to face and online webinar training.

Booking Training

To view or book onto our Turnitin training courses please go to the Training types and booking page

MOLE vs Turnitin direct training

Training is geared towards using Turnitin through MOLE, as this method is the easiest for staff and students to access. It also allows the Learning Technologies team to provide better support if users experience any issues.

if you do require support in using Turnitin direct then please go to the using Turnitin direct page or contact the Turnitin Administrator.

Turnitin Training students

Please note we will not normally train students face to face using Turnitin. There are a suite of resources in the how section of the website specifically designed for students.

However, if you do have specific student training needs then please contact the Turnitin Administrator.

Turnitin Training Departmental needs

It is noted that different departments in the University will be using Turnitin for different functions. At present training will have to be offered centrally, as the Learning Technologies team and Turnitin trainers do not have the administration and resources required for setting up and sustaining bespoke departmental training.

However, certain requests from departments for tailored training will be considered. (e.g where a whole department needs to look at a specific area of Turnitin functionality). In this case please contact the Turnitin Administrator.