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When will new features arrive in Turnitin?

Turnitin do release new additions to their software from time to time. Any major new features or changes to The Turnitin functionality will be posted here, on the learning technologies blog and will also be available on the Turnitin site.

 Functionality changes of note over the past year include:

Turnitin live status

In the event that the Turnitin software experiences system faults, slow performance or there is planned maintenance, we will inform you about any problems, including any estimated time to resolve issues, via announcements on MOLE (these will be displayed on log-in).

In addition we will also inform departmental learning technologists and technicians through the MOLE collaboratory course.

You can also keep up to date with Turnitin’s live status with the Turnitin Twitter feed.

Latest on e-assessment

Please see our learning technologies blog which often includes new posts on the use of Turnitin and e-assessment.