Research and Innovation

CiCS is committed to supporting research in all disciplines and strengthening relationships with all University researchers by facilitating collaboration, providing research computing facilities, supporting research applications, and helping departments with research costing management.

Research Computers

CiCS provides the high performance computer Iceberg, storage to researchers who have medium or long-term data storage and security requirements.and membership of the White Rose Grid community.

Support for Research

CiCS provides a range of training courses, user guides and support in the usage of the research applications. A portal allows researchers to submit jobs to iceberg with minimal IT knowledge.

Research Applications

CiCS provides licenses for research software products and a hosting service for research applications created by research groups.

Research Administration

CiCS manages the systems that allow Research and Innovation Services to support the administration, costing and data management that underly research.

Related Services: Collaboration

CiCS provides a range of collaboration services for University researchers.

Related Services: Storage

CiCS provides storage to researchers who have medium or long-term storage and security requirements. There is a scale of charges for storage depending on capacity, resiliency and backup.