CiCS Feedback and Consultation

In order to make decisions and develop services to meet genuine staff student needs, CiCS conducts a range of consultation exercises.  The links below show the results of our service reviews along with theactions we will take to meet your needs in the future. 

Student Barometer 2011 - CiCS Results

University students graduating in 2011 completed a survey which included questions about CiCS services. The survey revealed that awareness of CiCS services and satisfaction levels are high, particularly when measured against UK and global averages.

Student Mobile Device Survey March 2011

This survey was commissioned to determine factual
information on student ownership and usage of mobile devices.

Staff and Student Surveys

We also ask staff and students for general feedback regarding our services. Satisfaction rates are good but we are committed to making the changes you request.

Managed Desktop Student Survey May 2010

This survey was carried out as part of the Replacement Desktop project. You can find the link to the project page below.

Helpdesk (student) Service Review April 2009

Helpdesk (staff) Service Review February 2009

Wireless Service Review January 2008

High Performance Computing Survey (March 2008)