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We offer a range of support for making sure students and graduates are aware of your vacancies. 

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This FREE online service enables you to promote:

  • Graduate jobs
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  • Summer placements
  • Year-long placements
  • Vacation work and schemes
  • Voluntary work

myVacancies is used by more than 10,000 University of Sheffield students and graduates each year.

By using myVacancies you can quickly and easily:

  • Post job adverts 24/7 including details about your organisation, its vacancies, relevant links to your website and how and when to apply
  • Modify your entries to ensure they remain up-to-date
  • Monitor viewings of your advertisements
  • Keep informed about other ways in which we can help with your recruitment
  • Distribute your entries to other universities who use ProspectsNet (charges apply)

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The Student Jobshop

Want to advertise part-time / casual work? The Student Jobshop can help

Our experienced staff in the Student Jobshop can provide you with additional FREE support to promote your opportunities for current students including local casual jobs, part-time, temporary work and vacation work.


Important: Students can work full-time during vacations, however, we advise those on full-time courses to work a maximum of 16 hours per week during term-time.

To discuss your recruitment needs with our dedicated Jobshop team:

Contact the Student Jobshop

Tel: 0114 222 0940



Engaging with students through work experience can enable you to access talented, enthusiastic individuals who can bring additional skills and new ideas. If you are seeking a low risk, cost-effective way of assessing a student for permanent employment after graduation, or if you need assistance with a short-term project requiring specialist knowledge, we can support you in attracting and recruiting students.

We have a number of Year in Industry courses and most students (including postgraduates) are eligible to undertake a placement. Offering work experience opportunities to students in their first, second or penultimate years of study can be a highly beneficial way of harnessing their talent for the benefit of your organisation, and potentially filling your graduate opportunities. A range of durations can be accommodated such as an 8-week summer placement, a short vacation scheme or a 12 month placement.

Recruitment agencies

Recruitment agencies can find out more about using myVacancies to advertise vacancies on behalf of their clients.

Recruitment selection activities

Need some space to conduct interviews or hold assessment centres? We can find you suitable venues on campus.

Note that use of our service is governed by our 'Policy for the Promotion of Employers and their Opportunities'.

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