• Sandal Magna School by Sarah Wigglesworth Architects
  • All Saints School outdoor classroom construction workshop, BDR
  • Playground exploration workshop at Hunters Bar Infant School, BDR
  • Image for Hunters Bar Infant School playground, BDR
  • Shipwreck bench design for school, BDR
  • Earlham Primary School toilet transformation workshop, Prue Chiles Architects
  • Earlham Primary School toilet transformation, Prue Chiles Architects
  • Earlham Primary School toilet transformation, Prue Chiles Architects
  • All Saints School workshop, BDR
  • Fieldtrip to Secondary Schools in the Netherlands

The Children’s Architecture Unit (CAU) brings together researchers and practitioners who are working to further understanding of children’s built environments and support children’s contributions to the design process.

The CAU builds on the expertise within the School of Architecture in developing award winning schools architecture, cutting edge research and internationally acclaimed learning environment publications.

Recent and Current Projects

Sandal Magna Primary School, Wakefield [Sarah Wigglesworth Architects]

Heathfield Children’s Centre, Richmond [Sarah Wigglesworth Architects]

Takeley Primary School, Essex [Sarah Wigglesworth Architects]

Classroom of the Future, Mossbrook Special School [Sarah Wigglesworth Architects]

Earlham Primary School, Newham [Prue Chiles Architects]

Mission Addition, All Saints School, Mansfield [Prue Chiles Architects]

Classroom of the Future, Ballifield Primary School [Prue Chiles Architects]

Colham Manor Primary School Children’s Centre [Mark Dudek Associates]

Stanley Eco-Nursery, Teddington [Mark Dudek Associates]

Classroom of the Future, Newlands Secondary School [Mark Dudek Associates]

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Schools for the Future - SWA’s Exemplar Primary School featured in the compendium sponsored by DfES, 2004, pp. 54-59.

Research Projects:
Pupils Pass it On. A study to evaluate the impacts of the Sorrell Foundation´s Joinedupdesignfor BSF programme. July 2010 – November 2010. Rapid Research Fund, HEIF. PI R Parnell, RA Maria Patsarika.

Involving Users in the School Design Process. Oct 2006 – April 2010, EPSRC. PI R Parnell, RAs Maria Patsarika, Vicky Cave, Lisa Procter.

The Change Project: engaging young people in architecture. Sept 2006 – Aug 2008, Paul Hamlyn Foundation. PI R Parnell, RA Lisa Procter.

Imagine: Inspirational School Design. January 2009 – March 2010, Balfour Beatty and Partnerships for Schools. PI Prue Chiles, Co-I Leo Care, RA Howard Evans, RA Claire Kemp, RA Anna Holder.

Pakhtoon Schools Project. March 2010 - November 2010, Knowledge Transfer Rapid Response. PI Leo Care

The non-standard ‘standardised school’
Sarah Wigglesworth Architects has been researching the design of a non-standard ‘standardised school’ as part of our research-based practice and hope to construct a prototype later in 2011.

PhD Projects:
Brkovic, Marta A new sustainable school paradigm for Serbia (PhD by design) Commenced 2009 Supervisor: Prue Chiles.

Rigolon, Alessandro. The development of design criteria to
foster the development of social skills in children and young people.

Huang, Jungie. The Design of Children's Nursery Environments. Commenced 2009. Supervisors: Rosie Parnell / Cristina Cerulli.

Patsarika, Maria. Policies and practices of youth participation in school design. Completed 20011. Supervisor: Rosie Parnell.

Ghaziani, Rokhshid. Children’s and teachers’ voices: a framework for school design. Completed 2009. Superviors: Rosie Parnell / Bryan Lawson.

Key Outcomes

MA in the Design of Learning Environments to commence 2012

Actvities and Events (2008 Onward)

2008-2011 Prue Chiles and Leo Care have both been closely involved with the Barnsley Building Schools for the Future as Design Review Panel Members.

Creative Partnerships
Summer 2011 Maths GCSE Students from Mansfield are constructing their own external shelter ‘Mission Addition” after a 2 year participatory process.

Rosie Parnell (Knowledge Exchange)
Architecture for Everyone Legacy Evaluation. May 2011 – August 2011. Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust/RMJM. PI R Parnell, RA Maria Patsarika
Facilitation skills training on behalf of CABE for Client Design Advisors, 2009/10
Training on behalf of PfS for local authority BSF communications network – engaging students in the design process, 2009/10.

Rosie Parnell (Advisory Roles)
Advisory group for 'Therapeutic Living With Other People's Children: an oral history of residential therapeutic childcare.´ Funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, led by the Planned Environment Therapeutic Trust (PETT) 2010-11

Advisory group for `Children in Regeneration: A study of the roles and benefits of children´s participation in regeneration policy and practice.´ Funded by ECORYS, led by ECOTEC Research and Consulting Ltd and Loughborough University. 2010 – 2011.

Invited member of panel for 2009 Partnerships for Schools (PfS) awards for children and young people´s engagement in Building Schools for the Future.
Invited member of CABE´s Education and Skills Advisory Group 07-08.

Recent Conferences:
Keynote at School Buildings: achieving productive relationships between school settings and educational activities conference. Centre for Learning and Teaching, University of Newcastle, July 2011.

Keynote at A Space for Learning conference. Opportunities in School Design: Trailblazers to Placemakers. Irish Architecture Foundation, Dublin, January 2011.

Student´s Experiences of Involvement in School Design: Glimmers of Success and Barriers to Participation. School Design Futures: Education for Sustainability, new educational philosophies and designing sustainable schools – what can we learn? The UK Energy Research Council (ERC) Meeting Place. St. Hugh´s College, Oxford, April 2010.

Sustainable Schools, Sustaining Involvement: Mapping Student Roles in School Design. Devolving Power to Students for Sustainable Schools. The UK Energy Research Council (ERC) Meeting Place/ National College of School Leadership, January 2010.

Engaging Young People in Design (2009) National Design Conference, Partnership for Schools. British Museum. London, November 2009.

Trailblazing: Involving the School Community in Transformation. EACT conference, Sheffield, November 2009.

Learning through the School Design Process. Creating the Future Conference. Helsinki, Finland, September 2009.